Happy Teachers’ Appreciation Week!!!!


I can remember all the teachers’ of my life and they were *excellent!

This is not a long speech or an extremely long post…but just a “Thank you” to all of the excellent Teachers’ who care. If I were President, you would all get double your salary yearly…What you do is life changing….**THANK YOU!

Happy teachers appreciation week

Do Note: Tuesday 5/9 is Teachers’ Appreciation day…Here are a couple of articles to give history and perspective to this very special week.

History of Teachers’ Appreciation Week & Day…Plus More

Discovery-Happy Teachers’ Appreciation Week


*( Note: I had one bad teacher-for 5th grade, she was horrid, she just did not care about teaching or learning, my mother complained and I made it through the year; I studied extra hard that summer to be right on target for 6th grade, as I was in gifted and talented classes and did not want to be behind….She was later removed. Other than that, all of my other teachers’, (even through college) were awesome! I am pointing this out, because all students deserve good teachers. If a teacher is not benefiting your child, speak up! There are plenty of good teachers’, who they can learn from. Do not let them suffer, in a class that is not conducive to learning. As with all professions, there are a few bad apples, but I have found, that the great ones, outweigh the ones who are not.)

** Also do note this appreciation are for the teachers that deserve it!

Quick grammar lesson I used for this post…yes, sometimes I touch up my skills lol

Teacher’s or Teachers’???


wandasncredible appreciates you!