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New Growth

The maple tree before my house was seeded in this ragged lawn before I lived here, and it has grown steadily over these years. This beauty is likely much older than I’ve ever given her credit for. And yet here again, this May, her gnarled, lichen-covered branches are sprouting green again, with the tenderest of […]

Sunset’s Glimpse


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If you want to share this post, please re-share the original link.  I move this one around a bit and the link will be broken, FYI. This sharing effort is an extension of my blog tips, advice and blogging strategy efforts. Take a few moments and leave me your blog URL in the link below. […]

A picture is worth a thousand words…

Finding the inspiration to write. New writers, experienced writers, amateur or professional —meaning you actually get paid for this stuff, at some point, will struggle to find something to write about. Even non-fiction writers may wrestle with finding new ways to express themselves so that their writing doesn’t become stale or monotonous. And yet, we […]


At first my Silhouettes was made out of watercolor and then I started using black pen. I made Silhouettes to practice how to make Murals for my sister in law walls. https://recoveringbipolaraddict.wordpress.com/2016/03/03/silhouettes/

What Once Was

Its scary, i never want to experience it again. That moment when you lose a part of you. That one part of you that makes you feel like a whole. You just want to grasp it through the thin air but its gone, it withered, it died. You just want to reach out but you […]

You didn’t Promise

He held you close He held you tight You wanted to let go Because you were scared, you were in fright. But instead you stayed And laid in his arms You didn’t promise a thing Yet you never wanted to be apart. https://bipolarteenblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/19/you-didnt-promise-2/