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Be Fit

Creation, Check out the new videos I have been doing daily on “The wandasncredible Channel” under the “Fitness” playlist! Not only are they easy to do, but they are so fun and with my *sauna suit on, they work up a perfect 10 minute sweat. I  am doing one a day along with my daily […]

Presidents Day!

Creation, Here is a cool explanation of Presidents day from a kids perspective. Note: She means 3rd week of Feb not 3rd month but who cares…her explanation is awesome and kid friendly! This video is also on “The wandasncredible Channel” under the ” Kids Learning Playlist”!   Enjoy your Presidents Day! wandasncredible appreciates you!

Don’t Pass This Post By

Creation, Today started off with me praying, walking, showering and watching the news. I started to think about the many mistakes I’ve made in my life and how I encourage my kids and others not to make them. I did my posts everywhere and commented on others and then I hit google and put in […]

Love your “Mommy Stuff” Playlist!!!!

Creation, Love is in the air….and in the air for us moms who sacrifice so much for everyone else but ourselves lol. Need some mom videos that support, saving while you shop, health, crafts, fitness, and beauty??? Then check out “The wandasncredible Channel” playlist “Mommy Stuff” you’ll love it! You do not even need to move […]

If you haven’t already……..

Creation, There is a new video uploaded under the “Storytime with Ronald Seegers Jr.” playlist. Subscribe to “The wandasncredible Channel” and like the video: https://youtu.be/vXFpUtO-pU0 wandasncredible appreciates you!

Updates made on 2/9/17

Creation, Here are some recent updates made today and some things coming: “The Great Bloggers list” has some new additions so please check that out Ronald Seegers Jr. “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see” video will be out on Saturday 2/11 on “The wandasncredible Channel” “the wandasncredible late show” has some new topic posts […]

Mommy Time

Creation, I am personally a part of some pages that I know us busy moms would love. Sometimes we just need a break or we need to vent. Sometimes we also just want to have a decent adult conversation with another mom that is not currently in our inner circle, well here are some places […]

The Norah Jones playlist

Creation, I created a special Norah Jones playlist on my youtube channel “The wandasncredible Channel” Here is one of the songs: Get a pen and paper, write, listen, take a nice hot bath, listen, drink a glass of red wine with a nip of Hennessy, and smoke a great cigar in your bathrobe,listen,nude, fall asleep, […]

The wandasncredible Channel has a new video!!!!!

Creation, A Ronald Seegers Jr. narration. wandasncredible appreciates you!!!!!