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Presidents Day!

Creation, Here is a cool explanation of Presidents day from a kids perspective. Note: She means 3rd week of Feb not 3rd month but who cares…her explanation is awesome and kid friendly! This video is also on “The wandasncredible Channel” under the ” Kids Learning Playlist”!   Enjoy your Presidents Day! wandasncredible appreciates you!

Here is a Great Gift For College that is FREE!!!!!

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Sweet Idea!!!!

Creation, Of course Moms and Dads do not want their children eating sweet things all the time, however, every now and then a Do it Yourself treat would be cool. On “The wandasncredible Channel” my playlist called “Sweet Treats” has all the ideas you need to get your DIY on! Like! Subscribe! Enjoy! Here is a video […]


Creation, I know we all love new ways for our kids to learn….so here is a video on “The wandasncredible Channel” along with many more which is part of the ABCya learning game application. Enjoy! Like! Subscribe! wandasncredible appreciates you!


Creation, Here is a link to the Scholastic book store. I love books and if you do as well, you will love this site. https://store.scholastic.com/?eml=SSO/aff/20140501/83735/banner/EE/affiliate/////4-222094/&affiliate_id=83735&click_id=1834809206 wandasncredible appreciates you!

On trust and doing what you say you will

When you tell your children that you will do something, please do it. Be a person that keeps promises. Trust is crucial. I know this isn’t always easy. We are busy, are minds are occupied with many important things, and sometimes we simply forget. I am guilty too. A few weeks ago my son had […]

Leslie: Tips for Traveling with an Infant – Air Travel Edition

Vacations were so easy pre-kids. There was no need to think about nap times or bed times. No thinking about eating needs or entertainment needs or energy outlets. No need to think about extra bags and odd-sized luggage. Traveling with a baby can be extremely daunting. For a first time mom it can seem like […]

Unit Study Advice Every Homeschooler Needs to Know

Not sure how to use unit studies? Here are some tips I wish someone had given to me a long time ago! https://redheadmom8.wordpress.com/2016/04/19/unit-study-advice-every-homeschooler-needs-to-know/

When someone cleans your kitchen…

When someone cleans your kitchen, unexpectedly, without being asked, and without expecting something in return, it’s like….ahhhhhh….the BEST. I haven’t been inspired to write much lately, mostly because I’m busy and life is good and I have nothing to complain about. But, tonight, I’m feeling exceedingly grateful for a daughter who goes above and beyond […]

Marco Rubio Wants His Kids To Work To Age 70

Marco Rubio said in tonight’s GOP debate that he’d gradually like to raise the retirement age to obtain social security to 70 by the time his kids retire. Since we are all about helping politicians, here are: 3 More Presents We’d Like To See Marco Rubio Give Children In Florida T-Shirt saying “My father went […]