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Creation🌟 YEEZY🌟 The clothing line🌟    Nuff said🌟 XOXO✊🏽💯

Tues Nov 3rd 

Paterson New Jersey  1st Ward Vote  Bernard Jones    XOXO

🌟🌟🌟Fall 2015🌟🌟🌟

Creation, Reminder…The online store WannaQ.Inc-brand name wandasncredible    and my book “Now” are closing in fast. Please stay tuned in to my posts on this blog….my website and my fanpage! XOXO

Post of the Month Oct/Nov

Creation, Both posts for this month and the next will be done in November.The people have already been picked and a date for publishing will be added to this post once I set it. Happy Sunday! XOXO


Creation,    XOXO

Strange Ways

Creation, There are many ways to view Water….Strange ways………         XOXO


Creation, I need to calm my brain, I have way more emotions than rationale, it’s the sick and tired of being sick and tired + life+ the strange+ family + work+book+store+???….so instead of becoming a sick hot mess better known as a Tasmanian devil….I’ll eat ice cream…sip tea….bundle under the covers…exhale and fake smile….to myself […]


Creation, Although this is different from my other posts it is important to me. Many are suffering from forms of lung issues including Cancer that derive from *cigarette smoking. *(or other nicotine habits) My mother died at 68 from Lung Cancer because she smoked since she was 14. She quit at 66 in 3 months […]


Creation, Facebook is much more than a means of entertainment,posts and pictures….Facebook has business info too…         Facebook also has pages that are beneficial to your overall fb experience….Check these out…           Have a great day! XOXO


Creation, If you want to start a business or are in the process of doing so…To get some really good small business tips,solid info and a wide range of products and services check out and Verizon Small Business on Facebook.    It’s very valuable stuff,even if your business is already up and running! XOXO […]