Diva-Naires Radio Live hosted by Shakeena Whitmore!


Listen to this wonderful interview of me and Monica Autry by Shakeena Whitmore! You will learn a lot about us and even a few surprises we’ve learned along the way!



Here are her next interviews coming up! The link to tune in is listed below:







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My “Contact Me” page updated!


I will put my links within this post but for future reference please read the “Contact page” of this site to not only connect with me but to network as well. There is never anything wrong with a new connection and/or a new go to person just in case you need help with a project due.

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Creating Amazing Blog Posts In Just 30 Minutes (For Book, Food & Travel Bloggers)

1. Create a content calendar. If you’re blogging once or twice a week, brainstorm and jot down some topics to write about and insert them into a calendar that extends into the next couple of months. Sound out trusted peers or customers about what they’d like to read about in your posts. The more choices you have […]


Skincare products review

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Sleek MakeUp I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette

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International Women’s Day – My SuperWoman #5

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