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Mind Has No Shape— A Dreaming Lake

It was like watching something happen in a dream, And you don’t know what it is. Faces, people… But you keep circling around them, and they you. Then I saw, eyes. It was man being indifferent to man, Not indifferent— egotistical. The same. Yes, a strange dream. Sleep, dream, then wake… To what? The dreamer […] […]

How Laughter Impacts Your #Health —

A Health Blog ‏@AHealthBlog 56m56 minutes ago How Laughter Impacts Your #Health Infographic via How Laughter Impacts Your #Health —

One recipe

Creation, I have come to the decision to add sugar free versions of some of the recipes to my cookbook “Bare Recipes” coming out 2017 or 2018. One recipe that will have both versions will be a Lavender&Cream cupcake -(invented April 1st 2016)….The cupcake will consist of a yellow cake filled with a cream cheese […]


I haven’t been human lately The aliens have missed me And resumed their abductive ways They love me like that Just when I’m about to get into a deep sleep I feel my body being lifted up The light shines bright and then I feel peace All I remember is returning feeling satisfied Better than […]

Price Matching

I did this by simply price matching the razors then using coupons on top of that! 31 packs of razors = 98 total razors = my cost -34.68!!! My biggest haul yet!! Without knowing the exact price I just know they cost around $9.00 and not including tax it’s over a $279.00 savings! I price […]

Knees to Chest

A Sunday Message

Creation, Have a wonderful Sunday! Don’t let anyone steal your joy because if you let them they will. I’ve come to realize some people are just plain negative and miserable,nosey and rude. But God is above the Devil…If you can’t spread love,peace,joy…and focus on your own business while being respectful…don’t spread nothing at all and […]

Deliver Us from Evil

Creation, I am up and decided to watch this documentary on Netflix called ” Deliver Us from Evil” and I am crying so much it feels like my eyes are bleeding. I will not divulge the details of the movie but I will say my heart goes out to all the families and victims…I cannot […]

Dandelions are beautiful

Spring time is here and it is time that you start seeing dandelions everywhere.  You think they are a weed and must be killed? When I look at a dandelion I see strength and beauty.  In the midst of all the green there is this bright yellow piece of sunshine.  You might be asking what […]

How deep is the mud

I found this on Facebook. I thought an interesting perspective about life. I know I’ve been through my share of mud. My mud has not been any better or worse than others… Just different. Today… Right now I’m thankful for my mud. It’s made me… Me