About wandasncredible


Where did wandasncredible come from?

wandasncredible was my fictitious name on Facebook. Instead of using the words Wanda is incredible; I wanted to create a unique name,lower cased to show humbleness and combined together to show a 3 part harmony within me. This is a name derived from my own name that I knew no one could ever take or copy, thus wandasncredible was born. Unfortunately new facebook laws made me change this name to my real name and  I could only use my fictitious name as a subtitle.

But that’s okay it opened the door to do so much more!

Now all of my media outlets, my domain name for my website(wandasncredible.com which is connected to wandasncredible.wordpress.com for now) and even my email has its name as wandasncredible. I also registered my fictitious name with the state of Pennsylvania.

What is wandascredible all about?

wandasncredible is about being a busy,mom of 4,who is a small business owner/cyber-mom , its about the goodness of God (my own personal experiences with him)…its about writing (ideas,words,and expressions)…its about creation of books (authorship)… its about creating your own business (entrepreneurship and sharing links that help make your dreams come true) its about creating your own art( being your own artist)…its about real life ( sharing real life experiences with others) and its about sharing( featuring others works,writings,blogs,small businesses,reblogging great blog posts, supporting fellow bloggers,poetry and feelings).

Nice to meet you all! I look forward to learning more about you and remember …..

wandasncredible appreciates you!



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