Hello! I have missed you all and wanted to give some general updates.

  • I will NOT be attending Indie Author Day 2016 in Paterson,NJ but I will be there for 2017 along with many other authors who could not fit within the power packed event. Please show your love and support for the event. I gave many suggestions to further the event next year so I look forward to it wholeheartedly. Also for all who attend please give feedback so that each event across the nation can be a good one. For more information please go to .My book “Now” is still inducted into the collection so please feel free to borrow it or order it from your local library! Its also always on sale by pushing the “SHOP NOW” button on my wandasncredible facebook fanpage and on the page within this website under the “SHOP NOW” button.
  • I am not only registered with the state but also have a EIN and DUNS number to do business with the government with contracts and have grant monies that will be coming in as my home business being a Author/Entrepreneur blossoms.
  • My projects …which are many lol once funds are dispersed will be driven by my literary agent,editor,illustrator and together published under my brand wandasncredible which I hope to one day expand as WannaQ.Inc (both titles to which refer to me)…trademarking which isn’t easy will also be established through government contracts and my grant awards and as an African American Woman striving to live my dreams… I am so amazed by Gods love and blessings on my life.
  • I have been terrified this whole time with all of this but people around the world showing so much love and support keep me standing strong and moving forward in this process. I was very shocked at the non support of most family and friends but of mere strangers but I am in no way angry or upset. My soul is lifted and I feel the spirit of God upon me and thank him for the talents he has given me and I will never ever neglect them again. He is providing all the support I need…touching hearts and keeping the love I have for my family and friends unconditional.
  • The kids are cyberschooling wonderfully, learning languages,music,culinary arts and much more but pictures or personal parts of my life will be off limits publicly. My love and my respect for my inner circle and privacy is something I am bound to protect and will not succumb to the elevation of my success.
  • Any events will be shared as I will be traveling and signing books all over the world…and if I have information that can help someone else fulfill their dreams I will post it.

wandasncredible appreciates you!