Monthly Archives: October 2016

The wandasncredible logo

Creation, I hope you like the logo with and without detail! It will be on everything I put forth from now on ….I’m in love….I’m all shook up! lol wandasncredible appreciates you!

Check Out My New Pages on wandasncredible!!!!!

Creation, I have added some new info and pages to this website ….Please explore them and feel free to give feedback, ask questions or comments for me to look at your sites as well. wandasncredible appreciates you! XOXO


Creation! Hello! I have missed you all and wanted to give some general updates. I will NOT be attending Indie Author Day 2016 in Paterson,NJ but I will be there for 2017 along with many other authors who could not fit within the power packed event. Please show your love and support for the event. […]