Impressum & Privacy Policy

*Legal Notice of Terms and Conditions: and and WannaQ.Inc. are website names establishing my business creations.All rights and privileges go to Wanda Jefferson/W.D.Jefferson ONLY. All work is my own and cannot be bought, sold, exchanged, copy written and/or not authorized to be plagiarized, infringed or published by anyone but Wanda Jefferson/W.D.Jefferson at any given point, day or time.

PicCollage has been the current canvas for my art however for sale or distribution purposes the logo will be removed. The pieces presented are in an unedited format.

(Some pieces are meant to be interpretive and not perfectly aligned)

*None of the work is owned by WordPress or any of its affiliates in any shape form or fashion.I am the original author of any writings and posts (Wanda Jefferson/W.D.Jefferson) all are under my ownership.

*Reposts from other bloggers in my blog-all rights are reserved to the writer and/ or person who originally wrote the post..and is in no way the property of Wanda Jefferson/W.D.Jefferson or any of my affiliates.

Noones privacy is invaded by coming onto this website or any of my affiliate websites.

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