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Happy Birthday Big Brother Javon

I miss you so much looking at the picture with your back turned makes me smile…you were at my house avoiding the camera and you told me I was pregnant with Shayla before I even knew….but then I cry because you were gone before she got here.

Those pulled up socks at your birthday party make me laugh my behind off…you were my handsome big brother who punched me in my arms until they were black and blue but ultimately helped me because now they are numb and I have no problem getting shots….

I know you and Irene and Mommy are having a blast in heaven…but I can’t help but miss you all badly!

Happy Birthday to my Big Bro J…First you were taller than me but now I’m taller than you…Hold heaven down for me!


Everyone stand back…Clear…Clear…TB draft never posted


There is a lot to say today so I thought I would get everyone s attention first before I disclose my thoughts.

I see everyone in an uproar over the transgender bathroom issue…tsk tsk and sigh….People you do know that all transgender people don’t go around saying they are transgender right? How do you think they have been going to the bathroom? At work? At a restaurant or out shopping?…seriously!!!!! Does everyone realize that child predators can just be regular ole men and women in the stall next to your child period? Safety is an issue the moment we walk out of our doors and sometimes your not even safe in your own home. Why does this situation seem so familiar to me???? Oh wait!!! Was this not the same fear that many had of Black folks sharing the same bathroom whites??????? Oh the plague….the pedophiles…the unclean…the animals…they are good enough to work and pay bills but not to share a toilet????hmmmmmmmm how we all forget….

So we now all have stones….standing in front of those we think we have the right to judge and then we read the charges…its unanimous …they are living against the bible and everyone screams hoorah and begins to throw stones…Oh we so holy that we can pull our bibles out and beat people to death with them…..

I will not participate in any of it…God made sure in the dream I had about this post last night that to put my stone down and go home!

NOBODY IS PERFECT…So speaking on the subject further lets talk about those who are critical of everyone…..

Its never my or anyone’s place to criticize people and I think many of those leading others to Christ should know that we are called to”lead” people to Christ not to judge them because they are different than us. It is up to Christ to save the souls…Walking in Love because he saved a wretch like me is a given now whether you think someone is saved enough for you or not or living according to your standards or even the word is up to God to judge and change the heart and mend the soul….If someones on the opposite of what you think is right believe me they know it and don’t need you to be their great grand preacher.

Anyway fam…I just needed to clear my throat with this post… Remember…some things need to be said and not hidden!

wandasncredible appreciates you!


I must say this

My heartfelt condolences to all who have lost loved ones to violence and to all affected by the recent events/tragedies…From my family to yours…our thoughts and prayers are with you…….

With that being said I must say this:

We go to zoos to see animals …the animals do not come to see us…they live either in the wild or in a zoo….It is our responsibility to watch our children when again i stress “we are going to see them”…If you do not like that…keep your child at home…when we are at home with our children we must watch them…if they get burned on the stove we do not shoot our oven….

Sharks don’t infest waters that is where they live….alligators do not infest waters…that is their home…unless they are walking up to your front door they are where they belong…My house is not infested with humans…We live here!

Shooting any race will not stop them from being their race…just like shooting those of the LGBT community will not stop them from being gay…You don’t teach anyone a lesson by being stupid…regardless of our race,creed,color or sexual preference…we are all “people” and under no circumstances deserve to be shot…if you don’t like that its just too bad ….because nothing good will come from anyone being ignorant and doing ignorant things but proving that ignorance is still alive and well.

I am wandasncredible and I approve this message!