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National Poetry Month Ends With A Show


I have missed you all dearly. Sometimes I must take a break in order to concentrate on projects and just clear my head but do note that you all are always on my mind.

The last contribution I made to poetry month…which ended yesterday…very sad face…was to be a co-host on Diva-Naires hosted by Shakeena Whitmore for an Open Mic Night. The link is below so check it out and God bless you all family!

Before I go I hope you all know by now that my posts are always freeform so grammar police and punctuation assassins please stand down lol.


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A New Years Poem


Redemption by Wanda Jefferson

I want you to want me
As much as I want you
I want to be given great rewards
Because of what I went through

In our past ….I lost a lot of people
A lot of family
A lot of friends
And sanity….. to no end

I know all things are possible
And that you can be different
If you allow your ingenuity
to revive us again

With what I know now
I can do better
I can beat the weather
I can ride….. any storm

I will meet new people
Find lost family
New friends
And reform

I will gain wealth
Keep bad thoughts stealth
With a mix of wisdom & meds
To improve my mental health

For your only 17 once….2000
So listen clearly and hear the truth
Let this… your birthday be your redemption
And mine…..of course too.



Happy New Year!!!!!!!


The post below is one I made a few years back…..As I read it I was moved to repost it!

“This is the day…This is the day…That the Lord has made…That the Lord has made..I will rejoice… I will rejoice and be glad in it…and be glad in it”…sing the rest Saints…👏👏👏this song is on my heart…. 😇God has been, is and will forever be the Head and not the tail of my life! 👍Prayersgoingup 🙏🙏🙏for everyone,my whole day through..Psalm 42:1 says”Do me justice, O God,and fight my fight against a faithless people;from the deceitful and impious man rescue me”Expect wisdom and protection Saints! God is giving these gifts out before the new year hits💨,This is the eve of new beginnings… I love you all with the ❤️of Christ… And there is nothing you can do about it!#Besafeandblessed

wandasncredible appreciates you!!!!!

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Your fears are unfounded You have nothing to be afraid of Peace, Love, Joy await you Everlasting treasure with no delay Ascension is the Glory Love is the key To Life eternally On earth, as Kings and Queens You hesitate every time Suspecting tricks for fame That’s not my way or His I will never […]


5 Cents Worth

5 cents Lying on the ground No one bends to pick it up Alone, abandoned It thought to itself, “If I were worth more than what I’m worth, perhaps someone would pick me up by now.” Left behind, it starts to cry Unwanted, Everyone just walks on by And maybe it wished it had more […]


What Poetry Does for Inner City Youth


As a 15 year old, I actually had the opportunity along with my mom who sat next to Allen Ginsberg’s mom to meet some great people:

  • Amiri Baraka
  • Gwendolyn Brooks
  • Nikki Giovanni
  • Allen Ginsberg
  • Maria Mazzioti Gillian
  • Laura Boss

To name a few! They came to visit our schools and to the Paterson Museum and they inspired me  and others to continue in poetry. I was first introduced to poetry by my gifted and talented teacher, Mrs. Busnar in the 3rd grade, as a way to vent and express myself within the confounds of my neighborhood. I didn’t know we were poor, none of us did, but I know that we delighted in these very prominent people coming to town. Here are some pictures my mom saved, God bless her!

I do not have the full papers but one day I will request the archives and I think if anyone wants to look them up they can. At the time I was Wanda Wilson,and promised I would make books someday,Thanks to the great visitors,writers,poets…that dream came true.