Dear Mom,

68280512_10218552048045380_4489611601787224064_n.jpgDear Mom,

I cannot believe you would have been 79 this year. There are so many things you had yet to see me accomplish that God prophesied through you.

I did give up drinking, just like you said. I struggled at first with it though after you died. People helped me to accomplish my goal of continuing my drinking escapades as I plummeted into depression and despair, but just as you stated, God found me, rescued me and I am alcohol free.

I no longer have an apartment, but a house as you predicted. Gods favor helped me to transition to this place and I have been here for 9 years. I wish you could have saw it for yourself in the flesh but you seeing it in the spirit blessed the children and I immensely.

I did write books and have more to write, thank you for telling me this long ago. Because of your encouragement and telling me ” Wanda, you can do anything you put your mind to do” I not only have books on paper but even electronically. The are called Kindle versions and you would have loved to read them. I even featured your poetry in one of them. You and Grandma Grace being writers made me what I am today, and I have more to do.

I am a great mother, your prayers were answered mom. The children and I went through it at first after you passed but we stayed together, grieved together, argued together, went through test, trial and tribulations together….and they say because of this I am a great mom. You saw this in me, even as I had my first child at 16. You saw this in me, even as I fought to get my high school diploma and enrolled in college. You saw this in me,even as I worked tirelessly despite ageism, racism and sexism. Thank you for that and for passing on your mom skills. It truly is only because I had a foundation from a strong godly woman that I became one.

So on today, instead of crying my eyes out, huddled in my closet, hugging a Hennessy bottle, asking God why it was you and not me….I can say with wonder and glee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD LADY IN HEAVEN…MY LADY RED FOREVER !

Yes…your truly and old lady now lololol…I know you would have laughed like heck about that but there is a bit of surprise to the old lady stance you now have…YOUR GOING TO BE A GREAT GRANDMA.

The grandson you predicted would be a good man, who was mischievous and your best est friend, who started hating school and cried through you getting sick with Cancer…did just like your next to last prediction stated. He found a wonderful woman who is now his fiancee, he works hard and will be a military man shortly…and he created your first great grand child, whose name is Keidia and she will be born in November. How in the world did you see all this ??? How close to God can you get, to get all of that before you transition ? Mom ! I am in awe of you forever lady.

But the last prediction stumped me…How did you know you would not be here to see your last grandson born? To say ” Out with the old and in with the new” as I told you about my relationship shows the pure relationship with our father that only his wisdom could bestow. To tell me that my relationship would not last but that a grandson would be born is astounding. I didn’t want to hear this prediction at the time. I wanted not only for you to stay but for my relationship to thrive but alas God knew the hurt of both losses and knew that I would be shattered but not destroyed. Thank you for having the courage to tell me, even to the end of your life you were being a mom.

I hope this letter is conveyed to you by the Lord himself. Truly, I know he did not lead me to write it for nothing. And I hope that you enjoy your birthday like you never have before, singing praises to the Lord, and the blessed trinity, until we meet again. Because that is my reassurance. You accepting him in your life assures me that I will see you and carry on being the best grandma and later on great grandma in your stead.

Kiss My grandmothers and grandfathers for me…Give the biggest hug and kiss to my dad…and enjoy your birthday lady…you deserve it and lots of rest.

You may not be here physically,  but your always here in spirit. We all miss you tremendously and will continue to make you proud while bringing every prophecy you’ve ever said and seen to pass.



Wanda, Louis, Denasha, Shayla, Ronald, Cheyenne and baby Keidia coming soon


P.S. For anyone who has gone through losing someone in life, I believe with my whole heart that this podcast episode is for YOU ! ***Special Note to my Mom*** Even in death Mommy your being a blessing to one and all.


August Rocks & Campfire Love



Fall will be creeping in slowly with the emergence of the month of August ( Fall 2019 9/23-12/21)  and honestly the picture above is my cup of tea all day! Do not get me wrong Winter is my favorite time of year but nothing beats a nice rock & stick constructed fire, friends, family, food, stories and fun.

Birthdays are coming up which makes August a time of family love ! My daughter will be 20 (8/12) ! My mom in Heaven will be 79 (8/16) and My Aunt ( her Sister) will be 80 (8/23)!




( My Aunt Grace and my Uncle Duke)

Also my daughter starts her first year at Penn State ! Congrats Denasha !


With that being said……

This month is………





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Blessings Everyone and lets have a great month !!!!

wandasncredible appreciates you !!!

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