This Girl- Throwback Photos & Short Testimonials To Women Everywhere

***editing does not work well with jotting down my thoughts in between all I am trying to do so expect freestyle Wanda up in here…and judge not …lest ye trip over a run on sentence lol***

-2020 I have found my stride being in business ( its still an uphill climb due to covid depleting all resources and the denials of PPP and the Black Business grant from Paypal…Just so y’all know I am Black….lolol… but I’m not complaining…I am in it to win it ), meeting new people, done with the old ones who are not for me, taking care of my body and skin, taking care of my mind with prayer and reading, taking care of my spirit with connecting with God everyday along with the children, I am leading a campaign on IfundWomen #Postitforward….I am creating videos on IG, Facebook and LinkedIn….I am a grandmother, a mother, a Pennstater who graduates in December, A FT work from home independent contractor with a contract that lasts for 6 months, I had a 1 on 1 meeting with Arlan Hamilton who turned 40 also this year, a regular friendship with Steven Pressfield on IG and a host of new family from the Reach Out Party cohorts attended thanks to Carly Valancy and Molly Beck. I am a Podcaster with a record of over 500 episodes on and I am free from all stress, evil, negativity and doubt…I am a negativity fighter…I am 40…I lead the way for the world to see…I am beautiful and I am ME !!!!!

-2019 I am reaching for every dream and I believe they all will come true. I walk by faith and not by sight. I trust in God and he trusts in me. I am grateful, prayerful, humble, staying focused, loving life, my children, my Lord above all and my fans always!


-2018 ” This girl is now a woman, FREE; I am proud of this Black woman, because this woman, is ME ! “-W.D. JEFFERSON

I thought this girl would be dead and gone with all that she has went through…but she is still here…not the same….but still here! Hosanna….Blessed be the rock of my salvation!#THISGIRLSURVIVED#THISGIRLISNOWAWOMAN


This girl had no clue what was coming for her…she thought after poverty, rape and abuse it was all over but then there was…the money….the loss of her mom..the pain…the job loss, the unemployment, the homelessness, the welfare, the lies, the alcoholism, the abortion, the struggle, the divorce, the deceit, the secrets, the finding out the love of her life was a cheating married man who would use her, lie to her about being with her, and then abandon her and his kid with no notice, the fake friends and missing relatives while her kids endured it all (now 21,17,15 and 6) and were raised by her until this day with no child support or family support, the naivety, the trust, and struggling to put the pieces together of it all….the hurt after all those years…..the isolation…the tears…She had no clue what she would have to go through to be who she is today…what life would do…what people would do…who she would lose and she didn’t know she would try to take her own life because of it…But God knew….and God said…You will survive…You have more to do.. Fake friends and relatives are not your concern…Real love doesn’t hurt….Go get your house…Go get your business, Stay honest, Get off of meds, Fight, You have Jesus, You have the Holy Spirit, You have a ministry, You do not have time to die…You must survive…Your work isn’t done…Now live…live for me your Lord & Savior…live for your kids…FORGIVE…LOVE…BE KIND…WORK HARD …GIVE….and let me handle the rest of it !#TheOldMeIsDeadAndGone#GODWILLTAKECAREOFYOU#BEENCOURAGED

417504_3155873048700_1975005245_n (1).jpg-2006

This girl was way to young to have kids and be involved with a man twice her age who would abuse her ( pregnant at 15 my son is now 21)…she worked since being 11 years old…she had moments of suicidal tendencies and questioning of her own sanity…she adored her mother and best friend…she cried and went through hell but she refused to give up and got her high school diploma…This woman wants this girls time and mom back but since that is not the case this woman will not forget the lessons and will love her mom forever!

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