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My roots


The only one

Tova has been a favorite of mine for about 13 years and it’s the only one I’ll ever wear    XOXO

RockTheVote 4/19/16

Your vote matters! This candidate is what Passaic,NJ needs! Rock the vote for Jeffrey Dye! You will not be disappointed!

Public Bookshelves

I came across this awesome post by one of the bookworms I follow on Instagram:   Visit @kath_reads on Instagram for more sumptuous feeds for bookworms!   This is a public bookshelf where anyone can donate and borrow books from. I thought this was the greatest idea I’ve read in a little while! Being a […]

When someone cleans your kitchen…

When someone cleans your kitchen, unexpectedly, without being asked, and without expecting something in return, it’s like….ahhhhhh….the BEST. I haven’t been inspired to write much lately, mostly because I’m busy and life is good and I have nothing to complain about. But, tonight, I’m feeling exceedingly grateful for a daughter who goes above and beyond […]

Marco Rubio Wants His Kids To Work To Age 70

Marco Rubio said in tonight’s GOP debate that he’d gradually like to raise the retirement age to obtain social security to 70 by the time his kids retire. Since we are all about helping politicians, here are: 3 More Presents We’d Like To See Marco Rubio Give Children In Florida T-Shirt saying “My father went […]


It feels weird to not post anything. I’ve been more active with other aspects of my life but as soon as I get home and sit on my bed, my mind starts drifting, thinking of a topic to talk about. It has been extremely hard recently for some reason. I want to type but I’m […]

A meme says a thousand words

      When I saw this meme it brought tears to my eyes. This is all those of the mental illness community strives to explain daily. I am bipolar and am not ashamed but often we are judged,ostracized,penalized and stigmatized by society because our illness is not physical. Anyone with a disability great or small […]

School uses yoga-like exercises to help with STAAR test scores

Dozens of schools in the Austin-area are using Mindful Classrooms to help students focus during STAAR testing.

It’s official 

wandasncredible is a registered sole propietership…finally lol I’ve owned my websites and domains but neglected to actually get my real business owner license but no more!  Now I c… Source: It’s official