⭐️⭐️⭐️January 15th 1929, marks the Birth of MLK(Martin Luther King Jr.) 🎉He was a powerful speaker, Teacher, Preacher, And Civil rights leader!!!…😢He is sadly missed, by one and all but his legacy, lives forever! 👏👏👏I never understood why we always celebrate,🎉this great mans birth on a “convenient” day😔Instead of on his “actual👍” birthday, but as for me, I celebrate, 🎉this blessed Friday fasting and celebrating 😶 with silence, with fortitude and non-violence! 😇Prayersgoingup for all… I will be back on Saturday! God Bless!😇


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Be a Blessing 


This is a quick note everyone…it’s on my heart to say…..

Be A Blessing!!!!!

There are a lot of people hurting right now, so please pray for the broken-hearted, those incarcerated,mentally ill,and anyone who is homeless or drug addicted. 

Give if you can to them, in anyway possible, even if it’s just to lend a ear… They need someone to care!

Blessings and Have a great Friday!

Enjoy your weekend as well and be safe!




At this time I am solely focusing on my writing and publishing needs.

I do have a strong heart for my store but as I have been in fervent prayer it is not the right time for it to come into its full fruition. 

Rather than force what God is saying to wait for, I will do what is destined for me at the moment.

Anyone wanting a poster or shirt can still get a customized request fulfilled. However my store itself is tbd.

I have a lot being worked on right now that you will all enjoy. I am extremely excited about my projects and travel plans coming up for book signings!

Your continued prayers! Support! And love are appreciated!

Remember without you…and your enjoyment of my books…My going forward could not be possible!

Thank you!