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September post of the month-“Fetty Wap”

Creation,    (Above is the cover of his new album) Due to the fact that I have not obtained permissions from Fetty on a bio…I will not be plagiarizing his info, however you can find this information as well as him on all the major media outlets and on his website… I will, however,give […]

August Post of The Month-“Remy Cash”


Creation, August post of the month is Remy Cash!!!!9/27 Also being posted…… September post of the month Fetty Wap!!!!!!9/30 October post of the month Trenace Ruffin”Ammis Beauty salon”!!!!10/19 Monday through Friday of next week(Sept 28th thru Oct 2nd) I will be posting pricing for my art as the store details will be underway soon. My […]

September Post of the month reminder

Creation, September post of the month will be published October 1st. Blessings to all! XOXO

August post of the month

Creation, Due to a delay the August post of the month is tbd. Thank you XOXO


Creation,    Also Fall 2015 my book “Now” debuts and my online store. XOXO

I forgot to mention

Creation, For all my fellow Documentary Fans/Horror Fans/The Shining Fans: Room 237 on Netflix….Brilliant🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟    Carry on. XOXO

Make it Count

Creation, Let’s make this week a productive one. As I continue as a family woman, with work, school,my books and online store….Make sure every single day is dedicated to fulfilling your responsibilities but also your dreams! It will all pay off in the long run!    XOXO

Sunday & Focused

Creation, I am back on track! I am so happy for it! Knowing that all is still within reach for Fall 2015 has made me exceedingly glad and grateful. I’ve learned from my mistakes and have documented my errors for future reference. Update: I’ve decided on my new cover with the help of my publisher […]

Football Season

Creation, As I work to perfect my dreams I want to remind everyone….ITS FOOTBALL SEASON BABY!!!! STEELERSNATION!!!         I am thinking of making some Steelers pieces art wise and including something as a ode to the football sport in my clothing line but for now… I’m on the right track and working to correct […]