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Business: Verizon Agrees to Buy Yahoo for $5 Billion, Reports Say | Businesses in USA

Draw Me a Picture of Nature — Discover

Sociologist Jessica Mikels-Carrasco focuses on the environmental sociology of children. Here, she asks a group of kindergarten and elementary-aged children to draw a picture of nature. via Draw Me a Picture of Nature — Discover

The Kinfolk Kollective — Discover

LaSha, the writer behind The Kinfolk Kollective, publishes essays that examine how race and identity intersect popular culture and politics. via The Kinfolk Kollective — Discover

Social Mathematics — Discover

Samantha Schumacher explores the interaction between mathematics and the real world. “Fruit and Vegetables should be a part of everyone’s diet. So too should Math.” via Social Mathematics — Discover

Walking While Black — Discover

At Literary Hub, Garnette Cadogan writes about his move from Jamaica to the US — and how he had to relearn the subtle, dangerous art of navigating city streets as a black man. via Walking While Black — Discover

The Great Bloggers List

Creation, I thought my fellow WordPress bloggers would catch the hint and check out ALL the pages I updated and added lol but I am sure you didn’t and that’s ok …I’m laughing because I honored my favorite blogs and none of you know it Lmbo…anyway let me say it again… Check out my pages dear […]

$45 Worth of FREE Educational Apps for Kids — Hip2Save

Looking for new apps for the kiddos? For a limited time only, Smart Apps For Kids is featuring $45 worth of completely free apps for kids including Pacca Alpaca, PBS Kids, TIME and more! You’ll find apps that help with learning the alphabet, counting, science, reading and more! Note that most apps are free until… via […]

EXTRA EXTRA…wandasncredible pages…Must read TODAY!!!

Creation, I have been working on my wordpress pages (the links on the top of my wordpress page leads you to them)…adding photos…new content…and even NEW pages….Check them out…and have a great Thursday!!!! wandasncredible appreciates you! XOXO

Life without empathy

Originally posted on normabobb:
Photo credited to Unsplash ? Living without empathy is like riding a bike without a handle.  There has to be a balance or the results would be catastrophic. ? © Norma Bobb-Semple 2016