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Update 2

Creation, This blog, my website and my fanpage are accessible through your mobile phone just as with your desktop/laptop or tablet! On on the impressum page is my Facebook feed, Twitter feed and music. A portfolio page has been added also with many new pics and a slideshow. has new things added to […]


Creation,  On my website, blog and fan page a impressum has been added. An impressum is my legal notice and terms and conditions for my work. It’s important for me to put myself out there but it’s even more important that I get full credit for my work and when it does start to sell, […]


Great News!!!!!!! No it’s not Geico!!! Lol I just created a FanPage on FaceBook called “Wandasncredible”. I am taking small baby steps and Its from scratch but Im slowly moving along, as Maya Angelo would say… “From strength to strength”. None of this is easy but it’s worth outweighs the struggle!!!! The preview of the […]


Creation, Check out the pages that are currently on this blog.(Located at the top of the home page) They are as follows: Home (blog posts) Biography entitled” A Work In Progress”- the first draft Impressum  Pieces designed by W.D.Jefferson Poetry Musings Upcoming Ventures Enjoy! and Thank you for your endless love and support! I appreciate […]

Post of the Month

Creation, I’ve decided,Once a month I will promote a small business/entrepreneurship/artist I know of. My beautiful friend Parisa Nichole was the first for her clothing line “Risqu’e”. It’s my way of giving back and promoting new entrepreneurs, small business owners and new artists. Soon my blog and website will have advertisements up and space for […]

Updates 1

Creation,    So I have been learning and making changes to this blog 🌟And to the website  The blog has a change in scenery, more pictures have been added to the “Pieces” page and more poetry has been added to the “Poetry Musings” Page. Check out the posts daily and the pages for […]

June Post Of The Month…….”Risqu’e”

Creation, One of my very good childhood friends, Parisa Nichole  has created a clothing line. It’s called Risqu’e. It is very unique and sophisticated. I believe in her and this line, and I am incredibly proud to know her. It is truly a blessing to see Sistahs striving for bigger and better things. She is […]

For Life

Creation, There are some things in life, that are “For Life”!!! You know what they are for you but for me it’s listed below: God/Christ/Holy Spirit My Mom and Dad (SIP) Family (Hubby,Kids and all others I consider to be family) Goals/Dreams/Aspirations/Financial Stability Abandonment is not an option! Betrayal not happening! Unconditional love for! Give […]


Creation, Our planet is in peril environmentally… People are hurting each other based on race, creed and color…The middle class is becoming extinct along with many of our animals and insects, morals are decreasing while false gods and hate increase, We need change NOW! It’s sad when your scared to watch the news because you […]


Creation, No matter where I am in life, I will never forget my roots. Paterson is my home…New Jersey is my heartbeat…Yes, it’s that deep! The people, the food, the entertainment, the love… It’s real and irreplaceable! So today, as I continue to work on my goals, I pay homage to my hometown. I❤️Paterson4Lyfe