If I had to pick 5 sugar substitutes these would be…….


If your not already privy to how bad sugar is for you…do note that it is ! But there is no need to fear….Sugar Substitutes are here ! But not the corny as a cornball subs….NOOOOO…we got the deets from the Doc on which ones are the nicest out of the naughty list….Check it out below……..

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Do you have a dark line across your nose? If so you need to………


They say a picture speaks a thousand words and although I do not recall doing this as a child it does look as though the cause of this facial issue has spoken in the featured image.

I have suffered with allergies great and small for years, which not only attack all year long but in various ways as well. One of the most noticeable things I have had to deal with, besides the constant blowing of my nose is this line that needs daily cover up. After years of it being lighter, darker, me camouflaging it and the whole nine yards I came across a regimen on a dermatology site that I am going to try and will now suggest to all of you.

All products are listed on the “Click on advertisement pictures if your interested” below, that I am going to try. I may not can get rid of allergies for good but if I can help myself and someone else with this line ….Thank you Lord.

Many doctors will misdiagnose this as well, don’t believe the hype.I have seen this in people of various races, creeds and colors and again sometimes its very dark or even light. it seemed to fade for awhile for me and then during pregnancy it got darker but this is not a dent and depending upon the doc they will say its either hyper-pigmentation or a bacterial infection…to me its neither because I have tried several modes of advisement with nothing working…… soooooo I’m trying this because someone said this system works for them…and to me all you have to lose is the line.

Wash the area day using a 2% salicylic acid face wash.
Sunscreen SPF 20+ and moisturizer

Day treatment
Glycolid Acid 12%
Azelaic Acid 10%

Night treatment
Glycolic Acid 12%
Retin A 0.05
Azelaic Acid 10%

I am going to get this stuff and try it and give you my results …I will give it about a few months before I give any results but if I have any adverse issues I will let you know right away. With any regimen do note the risks but I have had this line for most of my teen and all of my adult life, if I can get rid of it why not give that a try? Plus I really looked at each one of these products and the reviews speak for themselves.
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How Inclusive is Your City? — Nat Geo Education Blog

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Today marks Week 7 and………..


……..so tonight I’ll be starting the Tae Bo advanced old school video and this marks the start of 7 weeks of regular exercise. I feel like a completely brand new person with the zeal to go forward and do more. By starting this new video, I am moving my body out of the 3 week mode it was in doing Tae Bo Basics. I thought I would be terrified but I actually anticipate tonights workout and look forward to going to the next level so ” GOD IS GOOD”.

( the ad is different than the video im doing tonight)

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I am on a regimen also that started on Friday 5/18 of Turmeric Curcumin, Black Seed Oil, Cayenne and Apple Cider Vinegar….to get the scoop completely of what this is please go to this post and you will see it all https://wandasncredible.wordpress.com/2018/05/19/what-turmeric-curcumin-does-for-ketofornians/

I feel awesome though y’all. I mean I noticed that I did not even need allergy medicine today which was a plus and that just a small amount of food is sufficient to make me full. These are all perks via this regimen that were illustrated in the post you will read but honestly I did not expect them to operate so quickly. I cannot wait to see what other perks come from this regimen…you know I love sharing allllllll gooooooddd deets.

“Verse of the day” will be on tonight at 8pm EST on Periscope so make sure you head on over to listen and throughout today I am worshiping the Lord, working, making posts, getting ready for the new week and have “Adventure Time” on in the background.

As my keto lifestyle continues and I maintain a lifestyle of healing I am grateful and thankful. I pray that you all come to this place in your lives and that you elevate even beyond this point…..ENJOY YOUR SUNDAY!

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What Turmeric Curcumin does for Ketofornians…………

Greetings Ketofornians,

I watched a video the other day and decided to jump on this bandwagon immediately. What will this all natural product do for you? What will it do for me? We shall see because I just took my first doses yesterday (5/18) and I want to see after a couple of days if it does something miraculous or not.

How am I testing it? Well, I added more carbs to my diet just to see if it would still make me lose weight…meaning, that I am normally at 20g but yesterday I increased it to 45g. Tywanna Jones aka ThickChick said that after a few days of not eating or drinking at her best, she had still lost some weight…. so I want to see if I can stay at the 45g and still lose weight or if my weight starts to stall or increase. If this works, I may be able to increase slowly and actually have a balance in my diet of a certain amount of carbs per day and still be in Ketosis. I am not afraid to do this experiment because since last year I have lost 80lbs and since being on a ketodiet and exercising 5 days a week…. I’ve lost about 56 of that 80….so in order for me to have a fully developed lifestyle, I am willing to take this risk for me and for the team ( you all). I would still get this item(s) even if it were not for just weight loss because of all the other benefits it entails but I also got Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne extract and black seed oil too. I am going to post both of the videos that convinced me to do so and I am going to place ads for the Turmeric, Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and the Black seed oil on this post. I know one thing…I feel so good after taking them and my body usually is very beat up the next day after working out but I am pain free… so already…THIS EXPERIMENT ROCKS ! My appetite is gone like completely so I made myself drink an ItWorks Chocolate shake and I am working and relaxing for the rest of the day. I will be posting an update to this on Wednesday 5/23 and do note that I started at 290lbs…STAY TUNED.

P.S. I am taking it exactly like she said in the videos.

***Special Note***The update on 5/23 will be posted on ketofornia.net

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It’s the big day………….


I know your watching….I am…Congrats to the Royal couple…I know Diana would be so proud of her boys growing up to be such great men. Harry & Meghan Congrats!

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Marvel’s Answer to Cambridge Analytica, Musings on X-Men: Red — Graphic Policy

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