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I have a special event going on. It is on facebook and it’s free. Just to show one of the photos listed here is a sneak peek…..and its MEEEEEEEE!

This is one 1 wrap after having it on overnight! 1 is $25 and 4 are $59 ! You can do your stomach, arms, thighs for cellulite, and double chin! My links are below!


Friend me and get invited TODAY!!!!!!

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The Benefit of Greens


I am on a quest to live my best life, so I am offering all who are near & dear to me, the benefit of what I am using at 40% off!

This is my post that I hope goes around the world today…Blessings!

When I tell people about greens they naturally say “That’s ok…I am going to do it the natural way”😳But then I am like to myself what is more natural than vitamins, herbs, fruits & veggies… in a dried form? Plus it’s 10x what you would buy or even have in your cabinet !!! I make smoothies everyday and still add this to it. Health is wealth ! I am so confident in the products here are all of their ingredients in different flavors! Including the newest one chocolate.



It’s $35 and you literally take two scoops equivalent to two teaspoons and put it in your drink. And it’s a 30 day Supply!

I sell all the flavors & they are changing my life.

Including the newest one Chocolate! wandasncredible.myitworks.com


Check out this video!


wandasncredible appreciates you!

Venus Williams Not At Fault In Fatal Car Accident — Black America Web

Source: Chris Graythen / Getty Shortly after Venus Williams filed an emergency order in the fatal crash case leveled against her, a video shows that Williams lawfully entered the intersection. According to USA Today, police said that new video surveillance footage showed Williams entering the intersection on June 9 legally before the collision in Palm Beach Gardens, Flordia. Linda…

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What do I tell my daughter, Mr. President? — gendermom

Dear President Trump, Last week your administration announced that it was withdrawing the guidelines that President Obama issued in support of transgender students in American public schools. You said preventing discrimination wasn’t really in your wheelhouse. You said the states should decide where all those trans kids should pee. As the mother of a young […]

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Lessons in Love – from Uber — The Tellergram

Last Saturday, I caught a cab to a conference called How to Get the Relationship You Deserve. It was free, and I had nothing to lose. The speaker bore an uncanny resemblance to Nick Grimshaw and looked like a caricature of a used-car salesman, all suited and booted in black patent brogues, a pink tie […]

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Rockwell Redux: An Interview with Maggie Meiners — the literate lens

What comes to mind when you think of Norman Rockwell? Chances are, that name conjures up reassuring images of 1950s Americana, with subjects ranging from soda fountains to baseball games to apple-cheeked kids. Rockwell was renowned for such images, which appeared weekly on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, making him the foremost visual […]

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