Does Outside Sweat Weigh More?

Today has probably been the most gorgeous day Maine has seen in 2016, Modern Philosophers. The temperature is somewhere in the 80s, the sun is shining, and there’s a gentle breeze.  Spring has definitely arrived in the Land Snow Miser Would Not Relinquish, and it appears we have seen the last of the Snowmen for […]

The Great Search Engine

Good Morning! Got your coffee, tea, and smoothie in hand? Great, because today I want to reveal to you the great and all-powerful search engine. (And no, I’m not talking about Google) Watch the video above… Action for Today: What search results do you want? Focus your mind and thoughts only on what’s positive, what’s […]

If you’re going to be in debt, buy experiences not possessions.

Something I’ve never really talked about on this blog is being in debt. Or specifically me being in debt. It’s something I know a lot of people deal with and also a lot of people blog about, but I’ve always kept certain things off of the internet for personal reasons, I believe not ‘everything’ needs […]

101 Benefits of Exercise.23

Research overwhelmingly shows that regular exercise lowers the risk for many diseases, enhances the functioning of virtually every physiological system in the human body and improves psychological well-being. 23. Protects against “creeping obesity“. (This might be a good time to think of the “industrial athlete” point of view in the prevention of job-releated injuries.) I have been focused on […]

God Knows Your Struggles

Health Changes? Don’t be discouraged, God is with you. With February being heart health month, many tips to prevent heart disease are communicated, but what if you are already facing heart disease, or another health issue? This may be a challenging time. Making changes in your diet can be emotional, carving out time for exercise […]

What I Found Once I Started Regularly Working Out

Recently I decided that it would be in my best interest if I started going to the gym or at least trying to work out more. Knowing that I have no motivation I decided that getting a FitBit would be a great way for me to get my activity up because I am incredibly competitive […]