New Growth

The maple tree before my house was seeded in this ragged lawn before I lived here, and it has grown steadily over these years. This beauty is likely much older than I’ve ever given her credit for. And yet here again, this May, her gnarled, lichen-covered branches are sprouting green again, with the tenderest of […]

Creating Amazing Blog Posts In Just 30 Minutes (For Book, Food & Travel Bloggers)

1. Create a content calendar. If you’re blogging once or twice a week, brainstorm and jot down some topics to write about and insert them into a calendar that extends into the next couple of months. Sound out trusted peers or customers about what they’d like to read about in your posts. The more choices you have […]

A picture is worth a thousand words…

Finding the inspiration to write. New writers, experienced writers, amateur or professional —meaning you actually get paid for this stuff, at some point, will struggle to find something to write about. Even non-fiction writers may wrestle with finding new ways to express themselves so that their writing doesn’t become stale or monotonous. And yet, we […]


Tomorrow is never kind. It is just a series of tiresome shambles, and with every waking, you become weaker.  Wandering with a heart devoid of optimism, with no destination and no light. In the midst of an Earth shattering war, where I am a dynamite, causing the lethal explosion, annihilating the world around. Trampling […]

What We Don’t Want To Do

You’re flying down the freeway, three lanes of traffic jousting for position in anticipation of their upcoming off ramps. To your left, through  blur of grey cement guard rail and lightening-strike lampposts, three more lanes race away behind you to some unknown destination. The view to the right is no less disconcerting as a short, flimsy […]

Book Review: The Artist’s Way, Part 1

I first heard of Julia Cameron’s seminal text The Artist’s Way as an early 20-something wannabe writer. I’m not sure exactly where I heard about it–perhaps in the community college creative writing class I was enrolled in at the time–but really, what creative type hasn’t heard of the book (which has now been in print continually since […]