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Being Sexist is Literally Unhealthy for Men, Says New Research — StyleCaster

A new study confirms what all smart people ultimately already knew: Having misogynistic beliefs isn’t just bad for the world—it’s bad for the person who has them. Specifically, men who have sexist attitudes tend to have more psychological problems, and trouble treating those problems, than more open-minded men, according to a massive new meta-analysis of […]

the humanness of things —

“I don’t believe in coincidences.” You’ve heard that line spoken in every detective show that’s ever been on television. It’s ridiculous, of course, because coincidences exist. I mean, that’s why we have a word for it. For example, about a week ago I was shooting a photograph of some yellow bollards at the very back […] […]

Young bosses make for a less productive work environment: study —

How to bridge the age divide in the office. via Young bosses make for a less productive work environment: study —

Netflix Subscribers Can Now Download Shows, Movies — CBS Boston

NEW YORK (AP) — Netflix subscribers can now download shows and movies to watch during a flight, when traveling by car, or for any other time when there is limited or no access to the internet. The download option was announced Wednesday and a number of shows and movies were made instantly available, including “Breaking… via […]

Be Who You Are: Live Your Dreams — Jay Colby

Are you living your dreams? This may be a difficult question to answer, because actually following our dreams is usually better said than done. One of the first steps to follow our dreams is to be ourselves. Many times we live our life for what other people expect us to be. Once we are true […] […]

Help Brevity on Giving Tuesday — BREVITY’s Nonfiction Blog

Today is Giving Tuesday, celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and the busy shopping days known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you are able to give, please consider a small donation to help Brevity keep the lights lit and the concise nonfiction flowing. Our small, volunteer staff has been plugging away for 19 […] […]

Novel Excerpt (22) — Meg Sorick Writes

A scene from Breaking Bread, Book 5 in the Bucks County Series by Margaret Sorick. I’m working on the story for National Novel Writing Month in November. Find all the excerpts here. I didn’t actually fall asleep on Brad, but I did kick him out while it was still dark so that Cissy Landis didn’t […] […]

Quote of the Day — Alec Nevala-Lee

Good wrong ideas are extremely scarce. —Edward Witten, quoted in The End of Science via Quote of the Day — Alec Nevala-Lee

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