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Happy 1st Birthday wandasncredible 

Today marks the creation of and This started a movement of books …art and many ventures to come! Thank you everyone for supporting me and let’s rock on for many more years to come! XOXO

Happy Memorial Day

Remember this holiday is more than cookouts and fireworks….which I might add are harmful to our Veterans suffering from PTSD…but I digress……. This is a day to honor our fallen soldiers and/or those who have fought for us and died after battle….Let us never forget their sacrifices. Louis Wilson Jr.Gone but not forgotten!!!! 

Happiness for Everyone

Creation, No matter what I feel like ….I really and truly bask in the glory of the happiness I see in others. Its a sad day when you can only be happy when things are going right for you. Even in the difficult times or like the great ministers say ” In the midnight hour” […]

This WordPress commune

Words they are just words, Periods? A bloody mess. Apostrophes so possessive, Whilst commas give us breath. Ellipses have geometry, Colons are full of shit. Sentences are such punishment And semicolons continue it. Poetry dances stories and Prose, it sets them straight. Whatever your mind brings on, Gives birth to something great. Something you’ve created […] […]


So… the wonderful world of “Sling”…I get to enjoy family time and these Cartoon Network favorites: Clarence  Gum ball Teen Titans Regular show Steven Universe Please forgive me oh cartoon gods if I forgot a show……at any rate….we make sure that all is done for the day so we can revel in the love of […]

I don’t need you, I have wifi

This outfit is one of my favourites because I know I would wear it. I love the whole outfit but we have to start with the I don’t need you, I have Wi-Fi jumper. I really love the slogan and I don’t think I could live without Wi-Fi. To go under the jumper I chose […]

Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks

Hey my blushing beauties, I have had one of these shades called Birthday Suit for some time now and I absolutely love the shade, the formula (can be drying) and the longevity of the liquid lipstick. Just recently they have added another 6 shades to their current 6 shades. I managed to pick up the […]

Wanda means

Queen Hagar!

On Depression and Things You Like To Do

I keep a list of shows that I watch bookmarked in my phone, so I can reference them after I’ve forgotten again what it is that I like to do. Any of you that have been depressed likely know that one of the worst parts is the overarching lack of desire. Want to do something […]


Rain falling outside it soothes like an ocean wave promising rosebuds.