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I’m looking forward to a even great 2016!!!!!!!!


Make It Count Everyone!

Good Morning Creation!Praise the Lord for he is worthy to be praised! We are blessed! Alive! In our right minds(well some of us hehehe-y’all know I’m a little silly)   

God has been good! He’s still a Healer! A way maker! A doctor! A Best friend! A lawyer! A Parent! A teacher! A mate! A Preacher and loyal no matter what!
It’s the Last Tuesday Of the Year …Yes, our last one is upon us! Make it count and Make it work! Gods got your back, just as long as you keep your faith in the front!


The Last Monday Of the Year

Praise the Lord Family! Happy Monday! and Good Morning!

Often I find myself praying about the increase of my finances when God is TOTALLY not the reason I am low. Yes if your economic condition is $0 then much prayer and supplication is needed but have we done all we can do with the power and dominion God has given us over all things?

Are we staying at a dead in job because its comfortable but its totally underpaying us?

Are we looking for work at all?

Are we as my mother would say”The last of the big time spenders” Do we have anything to show for it? Or do we have too much to show for it?

Are we using and/or investing our money wisely?

Are we giving whats due to God?

Are we giving to those who truly need it?

Are we totally living beyond our means?

All good questions right? Not that anyone wants to hear them, my issue is the spending! ugh! Yeah I’m even talking to myself with this post. Whatever the situation is we not only need to pray and pray for others…but work also must be done on our part to help ourselves and one another.

I’ve learned one hard lesson that may help….NEVER LEND PEOPLE MONEY….If you cant give it don’t lend it! Trust me you’ll thank me later on that tip!

Another thing I found was this chart so I thought I would bless everyone with it as well. Its a great start to a new year plan that I am not only sharing but applying to myself!

We can say it gets greater later…Or this year is my year….Or Season….But don’t we say that every year?????

We must do more than just say it….Make resolutions and Pray…We must put action to our words…Just as God did…and with that action…Money is born!!!

God bless you Everyone….Not preaching….Or advising but sharing whats on my spirit! Blessings


Check Out My Book and Media Outlets

These are are links to my pages and books…Enjoy!

What a Great Last minute Gift!


Some of us just don’t want to deal with the eBook stuff….Right???

  • We want a book when can feel.
  • We want a book that we can smell the freshly printed pages.
  • We want a book we can mark with our highlighters…pens or pencils.
  • We want our author to come to town and autograph it to us
  • We want to have something we can pass down to our children and grandchildren

I get it! And I’ve got just the gift for you and for those you love!!!

You can even get it for your book club…Church family…Co workers…and Friends!!!

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Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukkah….To YOU!!!


It’s Almost Christmas 


What better way to celebrate Christmas than purchasing a beautiful poetry book?

It’s filled with dedications, homage is paid to New Jersey and Pennsylvania,schools I attended.

All types of poems are included (prayers,freestyle,emotional,love)

And it’s only $12.99!!!!

But wait….You will also have the opportunity to get it personally signed by me, Spring 16!!!!

So don’t delay….

Get your copy of my 5 star rated book “Now” Today🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟



😱😢🙃😳😃😴I asked God years ago ..Lord I want to publish my books…create an online store …get my masters degree…plus have a big family…and it seemed like it took forever and now it’s like…”Lord I’m not reaaaaaadddddy”😂lololol …just kidding…I’m so ocd about my books and making things perfect in the store until it’s not funny but I learned along time ago …quality is over quantity…so just know the store will be reopening before Christmas…”Now” is available in Ebook and Paperback form on Amazon…my fall semester is over tomorrow…the Ebook shorts will be available on 12/20….and they will be in paperback after Christmas….God rains the talent down if you ask for it…
Your support for me will give me not only money but opportunity to create more…I want to do a Lung Cancer fund in memory of my mom and dad, find positive ways to give back, do book signings,and finish some of my other ventures …But the only way I can give is if I have the support of those who believe in me as God does….My heart says fret not but my mind is saying…Ahhhhhh where is everyone???? With that being said…I’m gonna pray and take it down…Blessings to all and to all a goodnight🌟🙏🏽😘🙏🏽
P.S. At least my Steelers won…They too got talent!!!



My Sunday Prayer


Dear Lord I thank you…I feel your presence everywhere in my life! I want our relationship to continue to grow and flourish like never before!

Create in me clean heart! Pour down your blessings upon me! Touch the hearts of each and every person in my life! Bless them immeasurably!

Let your Favour reign down on me like never before…Lord expect my praise to you to go on without end…Just for being my Father and best friend!

In Jesus name