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wandasncredible…2015 Review

Creation,  The numbers:    The Books:            The media                                  I’m looking forward to a even great 2016!!!!!!!! XOXO

Happy New Year

Creation,    XOXO

Make It Count Everyone!

Good Morning Creation!Praise the Lord for he is worthy to be praised! We are blessed! Alive! In our right minds(well some of us hehehe-y’all know I’m a little silly)        God has been good! He’s still a Healer! A way maker! A doctor! A Best friend! A lawyer! A Parent! A teacher! A mate! A […]

The Last Monday Of the Year

Praise the Lord Family! Happy Monday! and Good Morning! Often I find myself praying about the increase of my finances when God is TOTALLY not the reason I am low. Yes if your economic condition is $0 then much prayer and supplication is needed but have we done all we can do with the power […]

Check Out My Book and Media Outlets

Creation, These are are links to my pages and books…Enjoy! XOXO

What a Great Last minute Gift!

Creation, Some of us just don’t want to deal with the eBook stuff….Right??? We want a book when can feel. We want a book that we can smell the freshly printed pages. We want a book we can mark with our highlighters…pens or pencils. We want our author to come to town and autograph it […]

It’s Almost Christmas 

Creation,  What better way to celebrate Christmas than purchasing a beautiful poetry book? It’s filled with dedications, homage is paid to New Jersey and Pennsylvania,schools I attended. All types of poems are included (prayers,freestyle,emotional,love) And it’s only $12.99!!!! But wait….You will also have the opportunity to get it personally signed by me, Spring 16!!!! So […]


Creation, Get your copy of my 5 star rated book “Now” Today🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟    XOXO


Creation, 😱😢🙃😳😃😴I asked God years ago ..Lord I want to publish my books…create an online store …get my masters degree…plus have a big family…and it seemed like it took forever and now it’s like…”Lord I’m not reaaaaaadddddy”😂lololol …just kidding…I’m so ocd about my books and making things perfect in the store until it’s not funny […]

My Sunday Prayer

Creation, Dear Lord I thank you…I feel your presence everywhere in my life! I want our relationship to continue to grow and flourish like never before! Create in me clean heart! Pour down your blessings upon me! Touch the hearts of each and every person in my life! Bless them immeasurably! Let your Favour reign […]