5 Cents Worth

5 cents Lying on the ground No one bends to pick it up Alone, abandoned It thought to itself, “If I were worth more than what I’m worth, perhaps someone would pick me up by now.” Left behind, it starts to cry Unwanted, Everyone just walks on by And maybe it wished it had more […]


How To Manifest Your Dream Into A Reality

Recently I have been going through some changes and really developing myself and planing for my future. It has been hard, going through changes in awareness of our society and feeling like i do not fit in. I have taken a management leadership course and it actually has taught me some valuable lessons. The following […]



Tomorrow is never kind. It is just a series of tiresome shambles, and with every waking, you become weaker.  Wandering with a heart devoid of optimism, with no destination and no light. In the midst of an Earth shattering war, where I am a dynamite, causing the lethal explosion, annihilating the world around. Trampling […]