Easy…One Stop Shop…FATHERS’ DAY Gifts!

Every year, we support people we do not know for Fathers’Day, those who more than likely will never know us or even appreciate the money….but YOU…get the chance to change that.
wandasncredible has Fathers’ day shirts that can be worn year round! Also water bottles, hoodies, sweatshirts, tanks, mugs, phone cases and much more!
Below are some examples:
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wandasncredible appreciates you!

Updates made on 2/9/17


Here are some recent updates made today and some things coming:

  • “The Great Bloggers list” has some new additions so please check that out
  • Ronald Seegers Jr. “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see” video will be out on Saturday 2/11 on “The wandasncredible Channel”
  • “the wandasncredible late show” has some new topic posts
  • the kids learning and the liked videos playlists on ” The wandasncredible Channel” has new videos
  • I have several projects open at once in wandasncredible so please check out wandasncredible.com every day for the latest news on all of them-Subscribe to the wandasncredible mailing list to get automatic updates


The Great Bloggers List

the wandasncredible late show

The wandasncredible Channel

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Mommy Time


I am personally a part of some pages that I know us busy moms would love. Sometimes we just need a break or we need to vent. Sometimes we also just want to have a decent adult conversation with another mom that is not currently in our inner circle, well here are some places to do so. Make new friends, share, get questions answered or answer some. Sign up for giveaways or post some if that’s what you are into. Whatever it is that you want out of a place just for moms, you can find it within the links below:



Moms and Dads can explore the links below!



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Debbie Recall!


I am taking the top mommy badge off of my page because it is not working, I dearly apologize to all who tried to vote for me. I contacted the company so once it is fixed I will let you all know.

Also, I am having trouble placing ads on my page and after my posts.(on my blogger page thewandasncrediblelateshow too) I am getting so frustrated today until I can just cry because I have no clue as to why they are just showing up as blank spaces, letters and when you click on them code.

I do not want to be a Debbie Downer….so If anyone knows anything that can help…I promise your wisdom will not go to waste!


Womp Womp!

wandasncredible appreciates you!