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Your fears are unfounded You have nothing to be afraid of Peace, Love, Joy await you Everlasting treasure with no delay Ascension is the Glory Love is the key To Life eternally On earth, as Kings and Queens You hesitate every time Suspecting tricks for fame That’s not my way or His I will never […]

The Lamb of God

The promised son carrying the wood, Led up the hill by father in grief. “Where is the lamb?” asks the child. “God will provide!” replies the man. The Anointed One carrying His cross, Mocked by those He came to save. “Here is the Lamb!” God revealed. “God has provided, sinner now come.” The Lion of […]

An Eyelash Wish

Long hair breaks as easily as a Fragile moment of content. A moment like this. Apply perfume, concealer lotion, sulky lip color, brown eye liner. An eyelash clings to my cheek. Make a wish. https://thesinistersiren.wordpress.com/2016/02/18/an-eyelash-wish/

Simple Defeat

A Mile A Minute Help! you see me drowning here? I’m flounder in past thoughts; OH, DEAR! My feeling have lost their true meanings I’m losing the battle & you can’t save me I wallow in my past history which only brings misery; So, my mother use to tell me You & your judgment I no longer […]


Pieces- The puzzle I am, or rather was, is now in- Pieces. Scattered on the floor, The colorful image, no longer visible- How am I in… Pieces? https://achaoticexistence.wordpress.com/2016/02/21/pieces/