August Rocks & Campfire Love



Fall will be creeping in slowly with the emergence of the month of August ( Fall 2019 9/23-12/21)  and honestly the picture above is my cup of tea all day! Do not get me wrong Winter is my favorite time of year but nothing beats a nice rock & stick constructed fire, friends, family, food, stories and fun.

Birthdays are coming up which makes August a time of family love ! My daughter will be 20 (8/12) ! My mom in Heaven will be 79 (8/16) and My Aunt ( her Sister) will be 80 (8/23)!




( My Aunt Grace and my Uncle Duke)

Also my daughter starts her first year at Penn State ! Congrats Denasha !


With that being said……

This month is………





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Blessings Everyone and lets have a great month !!!!

wandasncredible appreciates you !!!

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Happy National Poetry Month !!!



This month is all about poetry and you all know that I absolutely …..loooooveeeee poetry. Grab your favorite books up this month from your favorite poets and I know one of those favorites should be me…being as though I love you and all lol.


Seriously, I appreciate each and every one of you and thank you tremendously for supporting my work throughout the years…and this month should be no different.


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wandasncredible appreciates you !!!


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Here is the article all about National Author’s Day

wandasncredible appreciates you !!!

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