February is……

Black History Month !!!


The month of my fathers death day 2/13 Louis Jr. -Dad I miss you but I feel your love daily. I am so proud to be a Vets daughter even though your not physically here with me. Thank you for loving me and my mom and for being the best dad ever.


The month for Valentines Day 2/14 !!!


The month of my oldest sons birthday 2/15 Louis ( my fathers twin and the 3rd Louis ) My Penn Stater and my responsible big baby. My handsome love who is a great dad to my first grand baby Keidia. Mommy prays you a great day and many more birthdays to come.

(Wearing our wandasncredible “Black is Beautiful” Brand )


The month for LEAP YEAR 2020 !!!

EventPhotoFull_Leap of Kindness Poster 2020.jpg


This month wandasncredible is doing new things by….

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Blessings Everyone and February is ….EVERYTHING WE NEED IT TO BE AND MORE !!!!

wandasncredible appreciates you !!!


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Happy Father’s Day



Blessings from the “Verse of the day” Ministry Podcast. I just created a special prayer episode today for Father’s around the world and I wanted to share a small clip of this powerful episode. Happy Fathers Day and Happy Listening🎧!!!

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wandasncredible appreciates you !!!


Happy Mother’s Day Prayer Special Post


***Special Mothers Day Prayer Episode***
***Happy Saturday & Good Morning*** The “Verse of the day” is brought to you by the wandasncredible channel Monday-Friday. Although, I am not a vendor, affiliate, associate nor sponsored by the http://www.bible.com
; I am humbled that God uses me to interpret his word on a daily basis. *** If you have not donated to the Womens March https://womensmarch.org/
please do so Today. For any questions, inquires on how you can bless the ministry, testimonies or prayer requests send them to wandasncredible@gmail.com .Throwback Friday is every Friday. This Friday, (5/17) please listen to the 5/8 podcasts. Blessings. P.S. Happy National Mental Health Awareness Month and Happy Mothers Day for 5/12. Check me out also on the Wanda Jefferson podcast also on Messy.FM
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Love you forever Mommy ! Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and all the Mom’s in Heaven !!!!


………………………..ALWAYS……………………………………….APPRECIATES……………………….YOU !!!!!!!!

P.S. Want to know what the creator of Mother’s Day felt about the holiday before her passing? It may not be what you think Mother’s Day Founder’s Thoughts on the Holiday

“Verse of the day” Via Video and Podcast


Today was the first double feature of the “Verse of the day”. I not only recorded the video version which is available on Facebook ( and was LIVE) and on Youtube but the Podcast version is available also.

Best Plagiarism Checker & Proofreader“>Best Plagiarism Checker & Proofreader

Both were done based on the “Verse of the day” from the www.bible.com and the additional verses were conveyed from www.biblegateway.com . The differences are the podcast is less time and more tailored to radio; while the video includes teaching, Facebook comments that explore definitions, links to help with study and many other blessings. Another difference is that salvation is called for in the video but is not during the podcast so if you need to accept Christ it can be more personal during the video experience.

God is good and both ways of him interpreting his word through me are awesome- for the most part they just have some basic differences and therefore you can get much out of both of them and both experiences are a blessing.

Bible.com and Biblegateway.com have their own “Verse of the day”, going forward I may speak on the “Verse of the day” from the different verses or I may keep it the same, but that is all up to God and I truly only want to put forth what he wants me to talk about and not start doing things willy nilly within my own self and flesh.

I am not a vendor, affiliate, associate nor am sponsored by either the Bible.com nor Biblegateway.com but I am humbled that God uses me to interpret his word through these tools and I pray daily that what he has to say reaches the masses for the glorification of him and the Kingdom.

So please….join me daily for both, and know that God is thinking of us all daily. Times for the broadcast to be on are not definitive do to my work but if I will not be on I post a notification of such a change, As of now I am on 7 days a week and all teaching that was done is posted up to date.

God bless you!

wandasncredible appreciates you

***P.S. Links for the “Verse of the day”

“Verse of the day” Via Facebook

“Verse of the day” Via Podcast

“Verse of the day” Via Youtube

***Special Shoutout to the “YOU MIGHT BE A CHRISTIAN IF” page for turning 7 today. It is a blessed group I created and I thank the Lord for my administrators and all members! ***

Happy Tuesday-Join the Podcast/Update

Happy Tuesday !!!!


Hey Family,

I pray that as this post reaches you…all is well on your end.

Well…this week the children and I are on vacation… but even in the midst of that…you should all know that I am still doing the work of God. I started a *podcast that does the “Verse of the day” just as my videos would however it is more so a shortened version.

*info in the P.S.

Also… I am preparing for the release of “Walking with God” on September 1 by making sure I have all the content I want included and edited… so stay tuned.

I also am focusing on really spending time with the kiddos and I am not one for really advertising my personal biz…I find that if you do not keep things personal they won’t be…so rather than exploring all the ins and outs of my vacay or taking pics and posting them I choose to do none of that…to stay humble…to stay prayerful and to even do some work lol…yeah life is becoming what God wants it to be for me and now I understand why he allowed me to be a person that can withdraw from the lime light….who can just be still and who can enjoy her own company while basking in her children’s laughter…because as I move up in him…. my flesh will not be the motivating factor in my success or failure…. but my spirit and the Holy Spirit along with Christ Jesus…will be.

wandasncredible appreciates you!


**Join me daily for the “Verse of the day” on Facebook LIVE. God is good and God bless you!



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**On break 8/11- resuming 8/13**

***As a part of the “Verse of the day” ministry God placed it on our hearts to include charitable giving. Every month, a new charity and/or ministry is picked to be donated to and all month long we advocate for them to receive donations in the name of Jesus Christ.

This month “Toys for Tots” and the “ALS” association have been selected.

Toys for Tots is a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. https://www.toysfortots.org/

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. The mission of The ALS Association is to lead the fight to treat and cure ALS through global research and nationwide advocacy http://www.alsa.org/

God is good and please be a blessing TODAY.*All charitable giving is hand picked by the “Verse Of the Day” ministry exclusively***All who donate send donations to the charities and ministries directly*****Special Thank You to Everyone for donating in July and previous months to the charities and ministries picked***




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