Music. Mood Swings. Me.

I obsess. It get’s pretty bad sometimes, where I will only talk about that subject, or at least mostly about the subject. Music, at least for right now, is that obsession. Writing about music is one of my favorite things to do, so I figured, why not incorporate it into a blog about bipolar disorder. […]

Across the street

There’s a house across the street. It was a jungle and a shack, abandoned and dismal. After a lot of work, a lot of trucks, and a lot of noise, it looks pretty. It’s been split inside for renting.  Trash still blows down our street and there’s still theft and the enduring sound of traffic.  […]

Simple Defeat

A Mile A Minute Help! you see me drowning here? I’m flounder in past thoughts; OH, DEAR! My feeling have lost their true meanings I’m losing the battle & you can’t save me I wallow in my past history which only brings misery; So, my mother use to tell me You & your judgment I no longer […]

And we’re on the up?

I believe I saw someone with a similar post the other day,  but things are going well now and I can’t help but be a little skeptic about a good mood. Bipolar always leaves you questioning … “is what I’m feeling normal?” I was able to go out and actually survive at the hockey game […]