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6 Things You Should Know About Taxes


I wanted to talk today about a couple of *things, really they are my opinion, I mean they are not definite nor do I feel like I am giving advice, but if you feel they are, that’s ok too.


Personally, I have had horrible experiences with taxes in my life, ranging from going to these places that charge you an arm and a leg to do them, or them being jacked up by someone and having to pay them back in full, to being audited every single year like I am really Donald Trump…..literally though. I am not going to show you mine either from any years but from my experience I have learned a few things:

  1. If you just want you money quick, go to the right people that are known for getting it for you quick that can guarantee you it back in a certain amount of weeks basically loaning you the money and they wait for the IRS, just keep in mind though for that loan it is going to cost you.
  2. Do not play with the IRS, if you get jacked up with your taxes believe me when I tell you they will take your whole check, one time it happened to me and I literally needed it and now I do my own.
  3. If you owe student loans or anything, work with the people, because if they get a whiff of it, your check is already gone. I owe money from college and because I was honest and called they do not take my check. Do not let it get to the point of them wanting all of their money just pay what you can each month.
  4. I had identity theft once in my life and now they audit me every year because I reported it so just know if you let the IRS know about the theft, expect to be reviewed yearly and I do not remember when it will stop but you cannot count on that money at least for a month, so please pay your bills. Getting put out of your home or things turned off because you thought the money would be there is not okay and I know plenty of people who this happened to.
  5. Unless you’re getting one of those quick loans filing in January for you should not even be an option. I personally am not doing my taxes until March this year because of the claiming dependents debacle/PATH law in place. All it does is leave you open for audit and again a month later or for me one time in May, I was screwed.
  6. Lastly, do your own if you can and do direct deposit. To me, it’s easier and it definitely cost lost, I just did my sons this year and because he is single, no dependents, or anything else, doing it through the Turbotax link online, it cost him nothing for federal or state, so if you’re single I would do it. All you do is follow the prompts, they work is done by the software.

If you want to add to what I am saying/confirm or deny it….leave a comment. My goal is never to steer anyone wrong but to at least share what I have experienced to avoid any of you from going through it.

*(Do note that I may not get to all of them today so this may be a series if it is the first part of said series is about taxes)

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A New Years Poem


Redemption by Wanda Jefferson

I want you to want me
As much as I want you
I want to be given great rewards
Because of what I went through

In our past ….I lost a lot of people
A lot of family
A lot of friends
And sanity….. to no end

I know all things are possible
And that you can be different
If you allow your ingenuity
to revive us again

With what I know now
I can do better
I can beat the weather
I can ride….. any storm

I will meet new people
Find lost family
New friends
And reform

I will gain wealth
Keep bad thoughts stealth
With a mix of wisdom & meds
To improve my mental health

For your only 17 once….2000
So listen clearly and hear the truth
Let this… your birthday be your redemption
And mine…..of course too.