Look Up. (Primary Source) — Drew’s Bubble

For now, I’ve skipped the cover page for the project as I still need to confirm the title with my Art Teacher and get the go-ahead to do so. So until then, I’ve gone straight for primary source where, with the advice of a fellow class-mate, came to conclusion that the best possible primary source […]

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Only Dreams in Total Darkness — Meghan McClure

Apéritifs: In the months leading up to the release of our book A Single Throat Opens, a collaborative lyric exploration of addiction (with Michael Schmeltzer), we will be compiling a playlist pairing songs with new writing to be enjoyed before the main course. Cheers, friends. (Get the whole list here.) Only Dreams in Total Darkness I tumbled to the very bottom […]

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hobby lobby’s parallel universe of antiquity studies — scatterplot

The following is a guest post by Fiona Greenland. Last week’s news that Oklahoma-based Hobby Lobby faced civil forfeiture for illegally importing Iraqi antiquities came as no surprise to cultural property experts. The company had been under scrutiny since 2015, when news of the investigation broke. And even before the investigation, scholars, including Roberta Mazza, […]

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Vaganova Master Class course Day 6  — Moa Andreasson

Hey guys!!! I’m all snuggled up in the sofa by the reception, using the wifi to watch prison break meanwhile drinking tea and snacking. Perfect way to finish of a hard day! I’ve been so tired today so the ballet class and the rehearsals were OK but not amazing. I’ll go to bed earlier tonight […]

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LET’S ROCK!! — Dee Yudice Photographer

Todo el mundo sabe que la música ha sido parte de mi vida, aun cuando no puedo ni emitir mues con una flauta, el rock me mueve. Estas son algunas de las fotos que le hice a la mejor banda de rock que ha existido en la faz salvadoreña… si, son los de Adrenalina, en […]

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Brief delights — Harvesting Hecate

Summer is a season of brief delights. Tiny beings on gossamer wings cloud the air for fleeting moments. Meadows undulate in an abrupt dazzle of colour. Birds swoop in from their long journeys to a frenzy of feasting and breeding. It is a season where things appear like magic, before vanishing as though they were never there. […]

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The Power of Poetry by Sarah FitzHenry — Nerdy Book Club

In my career, I’ve come to realize that the rumors about print and reading going out of style are just that – rumors. If you are lucky enough to work with children and books, you know that young people’s passion for stories is as strong as ever. But even I wasn’t completely confident about the […]

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What Do You Love More? — BREVITY’s Nonfiction Blog

Before I was a writer, I was an acrobat. Not the kind that flips through the air–the kind who holds up other smaller, younger acrobats who look better in the same spandex costume. A “base.” I loved it. I loved being the one who makes sure everyone is ready, calls the move, Hup!, then adjusts […]

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A Historical Walk in the English Lake District — Discover

“It’s been a poignant, thought-provoking journey, punctuated by two monuments: one to a way of life; one to life extinguished; and both inextricably bound to the mountain.” In this longread, George Kitching guides us over the Coniston mountains in the English Lake District, diving into the history and culture of the area.

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