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Extension on The Last Day SALE!!!!!!!

Happy Monday! APRIL 17 IS IT EVERYONE!!!!! Creation, Here on my page you can go to the “Shop Now” button or on my wandasncredible page you can hit the “Shop Now” button there. But this is the last day to get special deals on the 10 books listed by me….Wanda Jefferson and published by wandasncredible […]

DivaNaires Magazine sent me a Thank You!

From Shakeena Whitmore CEO & Owner of DivaNaires Magazine: Thank you Wanda Jefferson for placing a Ad with DivaNaires Magazine! If you would like to place a Ad to feature your business or product inbox for details. Or call 704-524-9414. You will also get a free Ad that will be played during the DivaNaires Radio […]

Sleep Stops Until May!!!!!

Creation, I am working on my own projects and two outside projects while creating a 3rd project……Ha! Its serious go time! It’s the end of marking period 3…..I am dealing with myself…my bipolar…praying to my Lord…still drinking smoothies ….reading…not complaining and I am grateful for my life….just know that I have a lot going on […]