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Here is a reminder of two of my services I offer through my brand.

wandasncredible publishing

What you get with my publishing services:

Free ISBN 
Rights to your book
>Your book in Paperback and Kindle Format
>A Cover
>One on One Services
>Book & Royalty setup that goes directly to you
>Author page setup on Amazon
> Your book featured on all major book outlets & available for library ordering
>25% Discount for any other books published in the future
>A 25% Discount on your first book with a referral that ends in a sale
>10% Discount if you publish a second book at the same time of your first

Get your dream published ! Help others do the same & Be rewarded.

*Free Consultation*

*Message me for price*

*Flat rate is upfront with a guarantee of a finished product & Non refundable due to time, effort and commitment involved*



wandasncredible custom items

Custom made items:

Quality items designed by you
>Items used picked by you
>Must be approved by you to finish
>Cost depends on item
*Message me for free consultation*
*Fees non refundable*


For any questions, comments or concerns please message me or email me at wandasncredible.com



wandasncredible appreciates you!

P.S. Full Title

Writer/Author/Artist/Custom Designer/Promoter/Publisher/Mary Kay Consultant/ItWorks Distributor


A Shockingly Great Friday!!!!


It is time to get excited tonight and I just could not hold it until the morning. I am so glad to be embarking on so many positive ways of living my life lately and I am so blessed that God believes in me. I am so full from you all as well, your love and support is just *tears* unimaginable and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lately, I have been so passionate about living our best lives and pushing the envelope for body love and beauty. Mary Kay and ItWorks both embody those experiences for me so I have been introducing products and doing Facebook events not to just make money but to bring so much alive for you all because your my family and I want you to feel as good as me always.

So two new things are going on in both worlds. First I am just seeing Project Runway Season 14 and am binge-ing it tonight and noticing that Mary Kay was used throughout the whole Season and was part of the prize package.But what is even crazier is that I just ordered a BRAND NEW PRODUCT they are introducing…what a shockingly great time to join right????

I am one of the distributors that will have a piece of the pie with getting this product and here is its video debut:

Mary Kay Timewise Vitamin C Activating Squares:

Activate with-

  • Tone Correcting Serum
  • Lifting Serum
  • Pore Minimizer
  • Night Solution
  • Serum + C

Here are some results from the Event on Facebook of other the facial treatments such as the Timewise Microdermabrasion, Pore Minimizer, and the Volu Firm System: ( Me barefaced in the Before & After pic below)


Lines smoother on my head
Nose line a little lighter
No major breakouts despite my special friend 
My face looks slimmer
Dark circles a little lighter


Dark circles still apparent
Nose line still apparent
Lines still there on forehead

Conclusion….I will continue Mary Kay regimens testing them and pointing out what I notice after each 7 day period. So far so good for only a week of treatment!




I cannot wait until the box comes with this in it so I can demo it and just feel my skin love me even more than it has lately.

Next shocker….ItWorks is doing a crazy bogo…..BUY ONE BOX OF WRAPS AND GET ONE FREE….that’s right you all…I just paid $59 and only got 1 box ….4 wraps but you will get 2 boxes ….8 wraps in total for that price…..How do I keep missing the sales???? lololol What a so called dork I am !

Here is the debut pics for that:


Look at my personal results on the ItWorks event after 2 wraps back to back 72 hours.

Final measurements for wrap 1
Final from Wrap 1: 43, 45, 54

Wrap 2
Here are the inch results for the top, middle and lowest section of my stomach: ( 12 hours later)
Before: 43,47,56
After 12 hours: 43,45,54
After Again 12 hours: 43,44,54
After Again 1 41 hours: 43,43,52

Final Wrap 2: 43,43,52
Total hours= 72


Lost inches from Wrap 2

Before all wrapping inches

After 2 Wraps inches:

Total Difference:


*tears* Wow! I’m so glad to be on this journey and to share it…It’s an awesome experience and it feels good to see the looseness in my clothing.


So do not be shy about sending me a friend request on Facebook and joining the events. Also do not feel shy about joining me on my quest to live my best life. Remember, you’ve been on my journey with me and we are gonna keep running family. Let me know what I can support too! It is not about me but US!

wandasncredible appreciates you! XOXO!!!!!

Sunday Updates & Reminders 7/10-7/15


Here are some Updates for the week and reminders:

I have a few links that I want you to explore which have been updated 7/10 thru 7/15:





Summer Items Just for You


Reminder: Prime Day Baby!

FullSizeR (24)

I will also be posting deals from me personally from all major stores on:




*Look for special posts as well*

There is an online party going on tomorrow 7/10 at 8pm. If anyone is interested please send me a friend request and you will get a chance to win free prizes.

She.Rape.Me.: Rona Toni Alice is available NOW

She.Rape.Me.: The First Time is available for preorder

I have a Mary Kay event happening on Saturday 7/15 for free facials and possibly a greens freebie but I shall see the details will be updated here once I make them final.

10 Prayers & Scriptures for Women is available NOW

Hearing God’s Voice Today: Practical Help for Listening to Him and Recognizing His Voice Kindle Edition by James W. Goll (Author), Kris Vallotton (Foreword)

The Color Purple Collection by Alice Walker

I have some deals already listed for the United Kingdom and Canada ( and I will be listing more on:


Please read this post, go to the links, Have a Beautiful Sunday! And please support me in anyway you can. Your purchase keeps things going for the kids and I and it is just not easy doing this on my own…. so every sale counts & has a money back guarantee. I have been saying from the beginning of my journey until this very day…..I do not view you all as customers but as family…. and I thank you so much family for all your love and support!

wandasncredible appreciates you!






This documentary is about what I have had the pleasure of enjoying for my whole life…..with my first sip at 6 years old…..Coffee!

I drink different flavors and from different brands….. but my go to right now is Folgers Classic Roast https://www.folgerscoffee.com/coffees/ground-coffee/classic-roast with a little bit of Natural Bliss Vanilla Almond creamer https://www.coffeemate.com/products/natural-bliss/vanilla-almond-milk-creamer/and a half a teaspoon of sugar. Sip…..Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh



wandasncredible appreciates you!


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BTW …..Please check out wandasncredible.com which has also been revamped and wandasncredible.org to see what I am striving to accomplish for the non-profit.

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My Wonderful Supporters:

Small business depends on making purchases for growth! My stores items are mostly $25 and under! Bless me and Bless yourself with a great gift. Remember I am a mom of 4 who does everything with God and your support❤️👍🏽😘🙏🏽

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It’s Finally Here…….


I am so excited to announce that my new series “She.Rape.Me.” has arrived. I first was going to make this into a novel series and then after I thought upon it a bit, I decided to keep it in my own short story style that delved head on into the characters and gave clear, gripping details that would have you coming back for more. There will be many different features added to this story including backstories on characters, a link to a special app, photographs, an audible version and already available merchandise in my wandasncredible store.

This Kindle Edition is not only available but at a low price. See what’s so intriguing about Rona and why this series will have you hooked from the very first lines of its beginning!



P.S.There will also be a paperback edition and hardcover made which will have exclusive tidbits that you will enjoy as well.

Preorder Part 2 so that you can first in line to receive your continuation in the series.

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Easy…One Stop Shop…FATHERS’ DAY Gifts!

Every year, we support people we do not know for Fathers’Day, those who more than likely will never know us or even appreciate the money….but YOU…get the chance to change that.
wandasncredible has Fathers’ day shirts that can be worn year round! Also water bottles, hoodies, sweatshirts, tanks, mugs, phone cases and much more!
Below are some examples:
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