February is……

Black History Month !!!


The month of my fathers death day 2/13 Louis Jr. -Dad I miss you but I feel your love daily. I am so proud to be a Vets daughter even though your not physically here with me. Thank you for loving me and my mom and for being the best dad ever.


The month for Valentines Day 2/14 !!!


The month of my oldest sons birthday 2/15 Louis ( my fathers twin and the 3rd Louis ) My Penn Stater and my responsible big baby. My handsome love who is a great dad to my first grand baby Keidia. Mommy prays you a great day and many more birthdays to come.

(Wearing our wandasncredible “Black is Beautiful” Brand )


The month for LEAP YEAR 2020 !!!

EventPhotoFull_Leap of Kindness Poster 2020.jpg


This month wandasncredible is doing new things by….

Thank you all for supporting this page and all of the efforts of it for January. I am expecting amazing things to happen for you all and for wandasncredible for February. When you click on on the links for this post and the linktree link your completing that and then some. With your continued help wandasncredible continues to grow and is able to help others through charity advocacy and spreading the word of people/organizations and many others services…here is our linktree link >>> linktr.ee/wandasncredible <<< All items are AFFORDABLE DURABLE UNIQUE NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES FINDS (AND ON A BLACK HISTORY MONTH SALE)  PLUS the link also has items you can get absolutely FREE!



Blessings Everyone and February is ….EVERYTHING WE NEED IT TO BE AND MORE !!!!

wandasncredible appreciates you !!!


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