Amazon Pet Holiday Deal & Cat Food Scenario #SAVERSWILLREADTHIS


Good Morning & Happy Thursday !!!

I am merging two fb posts together to make this one blogpost.

** $5 off of Pet food- Happy Holidays and God bless you***

You will need to set up a Pet Profile on Amazon first.

To get started, log into your Amazon account. Click on this link

and you will see the “Create a Pet Profile” option. Amazon will walk you through the process of selecting what type of pet you have (Nemo the Clownfish, that includes you too!), your pet’s breed (purebred or mixed), age, name, weight, etc. You can even upload a photo of your pet to really have some fun personalizing their profile page. And voila — you’re good to go!

Find what your pet needs and then use the code HOLIDAYPET18 towards it for the $5 discount.


*** How I used my $5 discount with coupons and Subscribe and save to 5 cans of cat food FREE***

***This only works if you subscribe & save and if its your first time for this type of transaction***

Create you pet profile first as I stated in a previous post.

Click on this link

Use the $3 off coupon
Click Subscribe & Save and proceed to checkout

Use the HOLIDAYPET18 as your code

Price: $0.00

Ronnie got his food yesterday and he loves it. I have more coming but only once a month on the 31st of each month. Cancellation of the subscription and everything else is something you need to research.



wandasncredible appreciates you !!!



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