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Tuesday Message




Be encouraged on today ! Stay focused ! and strive for true holiness in Christ Jesus.

This year is a year of miracles, breakthrough and testimonies no matter where you are, or what your race, creed, color, gender, ministry or charity. A lot of lessons will be learned about people, places and things in the process. I am forever a learned student of God and I pray daily that whatever it is we go through, we are better from it.

There is not one day that goes by that my children and I do not rise early and go to bed late, with prayer. Whether it be online or not our objective is to serve the Lord continually. This deserves no praise, accolades or pats on the back but is something we plan to spread throughout the world via podcasts, videos, t-shirts, books, (through your patronage) and other miscellaneous options in the spirit of the Lord via the wandasncredible brand.


Although this year we are not traveling, we are continuing every single month to donate to two different organizations and to advocate for them. This month is www.feedingamerica.org and www.actionagainsthunger.org No matter what the amount, God is going to bless you and bless you indeed for your donations and patronage directly to the organizations. ( Please see back broadcasts via facebook, periscope, youtube and messy.fm to see the other organizations we have given to).

In our immediate future fundraisers and other things for the ministry itself will be presented and your help will be a godsend.

P.S.Let us continue to pray for those going through Hurricane conditions and keep their family, friends and extensions covered in the blood of Jesus Christ. The children and I have you all as a collective in prayer daily and as a reminder to send individual prayer requests, donations and/or inquires please email us at wandasncredible@gmail.com

“Verse of the day” the podcast continues Monday. God bless you !!!

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