“Europe part 8…Brussels to home…”

Emma & Nathan's Travels

Day 9…Friday 17th June

We had had our last day in Europe so it was time to head home. No without a few pit stops on the way though!IMG_5557IMG_5561Another gem from my ‘100 wonders of the world’ book is the Atomium, which we passed on our way out of Brussels. Located on the Heysel Plateau, this towering structure was built in 1958 as part of Brussels World Fair and is now a museum with escalators joining the atoms and views over the city. It was closed as we exited the city but considering how much I loved Brussels, I’m sure we will be back.IMG_5563IMG_5598We stopped in Ypres, France to visit the Flanders Field Museum. When I was in year 11 at school, I was lucky enough to come here as part of a school trip. The building itself was just as beautiful as I recall, but the exhibition…

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