The Tea….and Coffee….but mostly the tea- Sunday Post lol

Blessings Everyone and Happy Sunday!

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Today is my daughter Denasha’s birthday so we are truly embracing it and having a good time…but I still wanted to share something, very quickly, that we (the girls and I) have been doing as a part of our new night time (2).png


Although the section I created on my link Tea & Coffee love link is for *Tea and Coffee….the “Tea” is what I wanted to talk about.  I just got my nighttime option in and it is just heavenly. Especially because its not caffeinated and I can feel myself drifting off soon after drinking it so……it gets the job done.

*If you are a lover of both tea and coffee or of just one you will love my picks ….oh and my coffee, unlike my tea, is always


Talk to you again soon family…Explore the link…and enjoy real Zzzzz’s tonight.

wandasncredible appreciates you!

P.S. I pray the rest of your Sunday is peaceful, safe and great….Let us all stay prayerful and keep our Earth lifted up to God daily.