It’s a Great day to be………


Good Morning & God bless……What beautiful Wednesday! The sun is shining the birds are chirping and I feel like I have been beaten with bats lololololol……………………………..


literally….exercise is tough and Billy Blanks for whatever reason is determined to kill me…even if he created this video 20 years ago his attempts are relentless.

Feel free to hear said attempts on my life daily on the “Exercise Update” done Sun-Thursday on my facebook personal page (check your local listings broadcast times vary)

On another note…………HAPPY TEACHER’S APPRECIATION WEEK ! I know my life is all the better because I had good, dedicated teachers who do not get paid enough for all that they do but were great anyhow. I am so honored to be friends with my 3rd grade teacher who along with my mom encouraged me to write poetry and other works. Because of her drive as a “Gifted and Talented” teacher I learned about all things writing and felt supported to enter contests and various other things, thus catapulting me into becoming a writer and now Author for life….Thank you Mrs. Busnar ! I also thank God for being friends with my Physical Education teacher Mr. Pursley whom is still teaching right now. He always encouraged us to do our best physically and had I listened Billy Blanks would not be assaulting my body through his workouts on a daily basis lolololol…

Of course Mr. Blanks isn’t really trying to kill me ( tell that to my arms and legs right now and they may leave me lol) but exercise 5 days a week is not easy. However learning (from whomever is teaching you) how to live and be your better self is important and may not always feel right ( like homework and exercise) at the moment but its worth it.

In honor of all teachers for this week and for the whole 365 days of the year I created this T ! They are in 5 different colors and are in a premium shirt quality for Men, Women and Youth. I thank God for our teachers doing what they do on a daily basis and even standing in the face of adversity ( due to recent tragedies) they truly rock and are appreciated.

Teachers, it may seem like the work you do doesn’t matter but I am a living witness that great teachers no matter where a student is in life makes a difference…keep doing what you do and ROCK ON !

CLICK THIS LINK FOR YOUR TEACHER’S ROCK T !CLICK THIS LINK FOR YOUR TEACHER’S ROCK T !32186947_10215037801511413_618981882016563200_n.jpg

wandasncredible appreciates you !

P.S. It’s a Great Great Great Great day……to be Great? Why? Because God is great and he lives in YOU !!!! HAVE A GREATTTTTTT DAY !

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