May the Fourth be with you & Happy Friday!



Happy Fourth and May the Force be with you all !!!


It is so awesome to talk to you all today? How have you been? I see alot of you are really doing your blog thing and many other things and I am so proud of you. It takes alot to blog and to have business ventures, a family, a cat, bills and a host of personal stuff you need to handle….believe me I am just stating the obvious with me life….ITS A DOOOOOOOOZY ! ….but as I trust God and lean more on him and not my own understanding I find no matter what it is worth it.31945748_10215004272353205_7812563524516839424_n.jpg

So I’m gonna talk for a few minutes if that’s ok with you peeps…its been awhile and I want to spill the beans on life….the Coffee beans of course…but still beans lol….Now yall know spell check and grammar are out of the question ….so for my grammar and spell nazis…..viewers discretion is advised ! lol !


Anywho…….I am finally a member of Snapchat ! That took a minute huh? and I am on Periscope 7 days a week to discuss the Bible “Verse of the day” too. The children who are now 22, 18, 16 and 7 are doing wonderful, and they are working on projects that you all will hear about from me soon…plus they are praying for ya which rocks. With Mothers day being next week I am striving to stay positive and think about mommy in the good ways and not in the she’s in heaven and not with me ways…ya know…and its working so God is good. Plus I am aiming to make some mulah to get my bills paid up, help charities and also to have a good Mothers day for myself….I do not want anything from the children but good grades.IMG_2767.jpg

Here is the YouTube for one of the “Verse of the day” videos brought to you by Wanda Jefferson and the wandasncredible channel.( “Verse of the day” videos are done 7 days a week on Periscope but post LIVE to Facebook and Twitter and are later posted to Tumblr, LinkedIn, and YouTube–clips are posted here and there to Instagram and Snapchat.)

My clothing is not only on Spreadshirt but it’s now on AMAZON….YAHOO! and I got two shirts up right now which I reallllly would appreciate ya getting. Of course my books are up there too and thank you for showing love…..your the best.I am also selling boxes I make up myself with ItWorks products so feel free to jump on that as well. I’ve lost 56lbs and counting from being on the Keto diet, Using the Itworks keto line and exercising. I document my exercise on myfitnesspal and I am doing Taebo Old school Basic…and Billy is trying to kill me on a daily basis…with all of that being said…I’m good.

Here is a video of my latest Facebook Live for the “Exercise Update” which is also brought to you by Wanda Jefferson and the wandasncredible channel ( Exercise Update is on Sunday through Thursday-listing times are posted daily.) I posted two videos because the first one cut off prematurely.



As you can probably tell I am updating the page so expect good changes and explore all I post as usual…you know I only put forth the best for my peeps! Check me out on all of my media outlets and holla at your girl just to see hi or to drop a prayer request. I love you all so much and I wish you’re a Happy Friday!

wandasncredible appreciates you…..but wait there’s more bwahahahahahaha…..

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