I don’t know………



I don’t know…..I mean….I don’t know how it happened….doesn’t it seem like we just said “Happy New Year 2017” yesterday???? Is it even more surprising that it is almost December??? YIKES !!!!

And like every year, we make a bunch of “resolutions” and by this time they have since died and are not even thought about….Am I right??? No I am not a mind reader…I’ve done it too….but instead of just making the same ole resolutions…lets take a new approach on at least one of them but first let’s at least say Hello to Today!


Blessings Everyone on this gorgeous but cold Tuesday! Just a few minutes ago I was thinking of how to help so many people going through this particular issue. And God worked in a very mysterious way and had me write. It was so touching to me I am deciding to share it:



Every time I start I quit

I am sick of making excuses

I know what I need to do

But I lack the commitment

I know I am important

But I want to eat and I can’t control it

Even if it is making me sick

Even if it takes me away from my kids


Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure



Toxicity in my colon

What can I do?

How can I start?

And not quit???

You start with a cleanse.


I don’t have a title for the poem…personally I do not know what to call it but what it had to say was true. If you do not know how to actually start a healthy regimen for your life…the very first thing you can do is Clean your body out. A cleanse gets rid of all the backed up gunk within your intestines which can be 5-20 lbs !!! The toxic nature of having these germs backed up causes so many issues …Here are a few pics to show you what I mean….





I know what you are saying Wanda….I need a cleanse but why now???


Because I know we all ate for Thanksgiving and that must be cleaned out. I know you think you may have gotten it all out but unless you literally pooped nonstop for a day…your not even close. Right now until Wednesday you have the opportunity to buy 1 4 pack you get 1 4 pack free of my awesome cleanse…you take it for two days ( 1 in the morning and 1 at night) and it does NOT interfere with your life or work.


Getting both 4 packs gives you one for now and one for Christmas! Clean your system out with all natural ingredients including Aloe Vera ! Get rid of toxicity in your body…and start the first step to a healthier new you with an all natural Cleanse.

Still Skeptical ???????

Do me a favor…at least click on the link…it will take you directly to the page about the cleanse and the pricing…If you don’t like what you see then pass…but if your at least curious and want to try the products this is a great opportunity to get your moneys worth…and hey…you can even give the free one to someone you know and help out a friend while doing the cleanse together…..


I don’t know if this helps but I truly hope it did….because it helped me lose 10 lbs of sludge from my body which led me to a better lifestyle today….and if you have any questions on moving forward after the cleanse….I am just a message away.

God bless you and wandasncredible appreciates you!

P.S. Here is my personal email…don’t hesitate to use it! wandasncredible@gmail.com