wandasncredible publishing & Custom items


Here is a reminder of two of my services I offer through my brand.

wandasncredible publishing

What you get with my publishing services:

Free ISBN 
Rights to your book
>Your book in Paperback and Kindle Format
>A Cover
>One on One Services
>Book & Royalty setup that goes directly to you
>Author page setup on Amazon
> Your book featured on all major book outlets & available for library ordering
>25% Discount for any other books published in the future
>A 25% Discount on your first book with a referral that ends in a sale
>10% Discount if you publish a second book at the same time of your first

Get your dream published ! Help others do the same & Be rewarded.

*Free Consultation*

*Message me for price*

*Flat rate is upfront with a guarantee of a finished product & Non refundable due to time, effort and commitment involved*



wandasncredible custom items

Custom made items:

Quality items designed by you
>Items used picked by you
>Must be approved by you to finish
>Cost depends on item
*Message me for free consultation*
*Fees non refundable*


For any questions, comments or concerns please message me or email me at wandasncredible.com



wandasncredible appreciates you!

P.S. Full Title

Writer/Author/Artist/Custom Designer/Promoter/Publisher/Mary Kay Consultant/ItWorks Distributor

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