Happy Family Fun & Have a Fantastic Friday!!!!!


Thank you Lord for another day & another blessed Friday. Today hug your family and friends extra tight. The weekend is approaching and now more than ever, each and every moment we have with family, having fun and with friends enjoying life should be cherished.

Don’t forget one moment of thanking God, telling someone in your family you love them, hugging someone who needs it and forgiving someone who does not deserve it. All of these things set the tone for a family friendly weekend, a safe blessed weekend, a worry free weekend and a grudge free weekend.

Here are my Friday posts from Facebook I want to share with the world.




Do you struggle to get your children to eat vegetables? I don’t ! My kids drink theirs and love it !  It Works Greens are affordable, Safe and are in 3 different flavors ! Orange! Berry! & Chocolate ! With your purchase I will give you some of my children’s favorite recipes too. Go to wandasncredible.myitworks.com and start today. I am so glad I did !!!





wandasncredible appreciates you!

Have a Great Weekend….Why??? BECAUSE YOUR GOD IS GREAT AND SO ARE YOU !!!!!


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