T’is the Season………………………..


Hey Family…My Ronald who is now 6 years old and will be 7 in November ( can you believe it ) loves this chart. I do too so this part of the post is for all the kids and the kids at heart ( like me) who love to be reminded of the seasons as they pass.


But I digress……

As much as we would hate to admit it, it is that time of year ! The holidays are basically upon us and for those of us in denial….um its October! lol This is the time when all your saving up should be calculated and getting your gift purchases done can either make or break you last minutes stresses of December….so let me help you out.

As a Mary Kay Consultant & an ItWorks Distributor, you have the opportunity to shop and get the best of both worlds. What is even more wonderful is that it is affordable, you can make your purchase now and get it out of the way, and actually give people some great products they will love and use.

On the Mary Kay side, we have lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows and whole face systems. Our newest products the deep cleansing charcoal mask and the Vitamin C squares are also a hit and the Satin Lips & Satin hands system is just what the doctor ordered for Fall and Winter.

Check out the items listed or grab a new fav for yourself or someone else today!


On the ItWorks side, we have the ultimate body applicators, fat fighters, thermofit, probiotics and greens. Our newest product the Chocolate greens ( that my kids love to drink with milk) and KetoCoffee (first orders go out tomorrow) are a mega hit and flying off of the shelves as we speak. Also our Hair Skin & Nails and Facial wraps are just what the doctor ordered for Fall and Winter as well.

Side note:( I have a new facebook group called Wrapmeoutside – Check it out)


Let me tell you what is so special about all of the products I mentioned….all of them are under $100 with the lowest being only 18 bucks. You can get them now before the holiday rush, wrap them and have them put up and fresh for gift giving, or you can get them now and start them to have that special glow or special natural wellness and cup of Joe as your own personal ” Me” gift….we need those more often than we get.

Either way….I’m your huckleberry ( Wyatt Earp fan) so check out my sites, if you have any questions list them on this post. And get ready to have the last 3 months of 2017 be the BEST OF YOUR LIFE!




wandasncredible appreciates you!

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