Have a stress free, beautiful Friday & weekend !


I pray that all of you are well, blessed and highly favored. As for me, I am working, letting the kids go wild and taking some much needed time to pray. I have had a tough August 2016 to August 2017, and an even tougher 25 years out of my soon to be 37 years of life. A lot of hard crash course lessons were learned, people have come and gone, money has had its highs and lows, and my faith has at some points seemed far from me but today I can say…”Nearer my God to thee” because I truly seek that peace, oneness, stillness, and direction from the Lord now more than ever before.

Two of the main things I will be focused on this weekend is not only refining some of my work already made or being made but also exploring more of my two business ventures. This weekend will make me happy because not only will I be living love but delving into things I love & that incorporate God.

On some of my other outlets I pick two of my favorite things for the week that make me smile out of my Mary Kay and ItWorks business….my pick for today is ….a brand new limited edition product called the Mary Kay Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® Baked Cheek Powder & ItWorks Confianza™.

The Mary Kay Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® Baked Cheek Powder is my favorite because there are two shades and each shade, Kind Heart and Giving Heart, can be worn for day or evening looks, and each shade looks fabulous on all skin tones plus your purchase of limited-edition† Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® Baked Cheek Powder benefits The Mary Kay Foundation, including its support of women’s shelters and survivors of domestic abuse. My new favorite product from ItWorks is Confianza because it improves mental focus and concentration, helps the body cope with physical stress, provides energy and reduces fatigue, plus helps restore body balance.

it-works-confianza3 (1)
Explore my favorites for yourself, they make me stress free & “blush” get it BLUSH…..

( you know a joke is bad when someone has to say “get it” lol)

Anyway to see my favs for yourself go to :

wandasncredible appreciates you all & XOXO!



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