BOGO & More


I have 2 new events up. 1 for It Works and 1 for Mary Kay. They are private events so its invitation only family and I would really appreciate spending time with you…..Oh and it’s FREE! LOL…so expect fun and great info.

If we are not friends on Facebook, please friend me and tell me where you are from so I do not think your spamming me lol.  Also here is a pic from the BOGO Extension:


wandasncredible appreciates you!



On Hold



All pre-order books are on hold for me right now. I do not want to come out with ruff, un-detailed material and those books coming forth are very detailed. I will give definite release dates when I have them completed and will not be putting them up for pre-order …my hesitation is for quality purposes…I have some real unexpected WOW factors coming forth and I do not want to just be writing to reach a quota of books published but to actually put out great work.

A paperback will be made of She.Rape.Me. Part 1 The Beginning with some additional features and then a hardcover as well with even more features so stay tuned for that this year. The others ( Part 2 of She.Rape.Me & Faithfully) may carry over into 2018. I have other books coming out too so please bare with me, I love all my fans and my are my family and I thank you for allowing me into your lives through my work.

wandasncredible appreciates you!