Today was NOT good


Today was one of those artist days that you just cry and want to crawl in the closet and not come out. I had complete writers block and I will postponing two of my books again. I could not for the life of me decide on what to actually work on more or less. I wrote down some ideas but I just feel like today was a failure on all counts.

I questioned everything…my direction…my drive…my books…my products…my art….just everything and my nerves were on the end….it was a scream outloud AHHHHHHHH day.

I know all of us who are in the creative, entrepreneurial field have these days but I am just like *tears* and I will just cry it out and guess what???? Keep pushing!

I just cannot quit….I just can’t…and go back to what…working for someone else??? or worse???? NO! I will not go backward…I have sacrificed too much…my children have believed in me too much and sacrificed as well…and I will NOT put what God has instilled in me, their belief and my supporters belief in the garbage.

I believe in ME….I am just in a dry spell in business and it will get better. My body feels better, I will make mistakes….I will have moments of failure but that does not make ME a failure so even though today was NOT good….It was GREAT because I got to fall today and get back up again for another day.

So tonight…I am doing brainstorming…praying…laughing with the kids…pushing for my goals…and not sweating the small stuff….I am already a work from home gal…so I just got to GO BIG!!!!

wandasncredible appreciates you!!!!!