Sunday Update 7/23/17


I know I am saying I have missed you all a lot but I truly have. I am really all over the place trying to get things done, while also trying to improve my health, aiming to offer great things to everyone and at the same time keep things afloat so all and all I have been super busy.

Needless to say, writing always is my passion and communicating with you all seems to be my beautiful light at the end of every tunnel….I am not complaining…It truly is a pleasure to be able to write my words for the sheer fun of it than for business all the time.

So me trying to get things done is with my promotion of my bookstore and spreadshirt store…I say trying because as with everything that needs to be advertised its going slow. I believe in what I do though so I know it is only a matter of time before things pick up. I am not always the most patient person so I trust God to do what needs to be done in that department.

Me, improving my health involves Mary Kay and ItWorks. I have been doing two events at once on Facebook which involves facial tests and wraps. I see wonderful changes because of them and exposing myself in such a way is not only fun but a bit intimate since it takes me out of my comfort zone of agoraphobia. However a lot of my time has been in it so I would love you all to join me, friend me first so you can join because it is private and enjoy the videos, great info and the before and afters…

I have been switching out advertisements here and there so that awesome products can be offered to my peeps before anyone else. Also I love a great sale myself so giving that part to you all makes me smile.

All in all, I am being more social, getting out more, exposing sides of myself I have not in a long time, working on me, and working on work….It is hard…but I refuse to give up and I appreciate you all for rocking with me…I truly do.

I want to do something that kinda combines it all so that it is not only beneficial, but fun and great for our bodies and appearance love and I think I have come up with the perfect combo.

So I am looking for a 10 people to product test Mary Kay products and 10 to test It works products. It would be for a products you can afford for 3 months …ex…lets say you want to test the cleanse…for 3 months you pay only $36 a month (40% off) and you get your cleanse supplies…you tell me how you like it or dislike it ….if you want to change from the cleanse to another product the next month you can do so but that is strictly up to you and your price range.

The same with Mary Kay…lets say you want to do the charcoal mask…that would be $15 a month ( 40 % off) for 3 months…tell me how you like it or do you dislike it …and if you want to choose another product you can do so.

The point of this is to see how not only I respond to the products but how others do too and I will be able to actually have real likes and dislikes to talk about.

Please email me at if you are interested. And do not think you will be doing this testing alone…I will do it with you and answer any questions you may have. My goal is to get real feedback and to know what is great to offer and what is not.

As always,

wandasncredible appreciates you….and I hope to get back here soon for some more writing…God is good…please also keep me in prayer as I do you…thanks.