What the Health


I am crying…………

Oh my goodness I am in total awe right now….as I watch this movie I can just see how sickness is just spreading through our land.

Here is the link to watch it directly from its online site  www.WhatTheHealthFilm.com or find it on Netflix like I did.

One of my very dear friends just expressed that she had watched this movie and I immediately went to Netflix to watch it. I ….like I said….I am watching and I am going to re-watch this so I do not forget one word….and I am telling you anyone who is reading this post must watch this movie. It is literally essential to your life.

I am so passionate about this movie and about health….that I am going to give everyone my personal phone number. On wandasncredible.myitworks.com my phone number is right at the top. Look at the greens please….check them out…be my personal product tester so you can see the change in your life from having at least the nutrients we all need. I am not going to tell you what not to eat but we all need greens/fruits/vegetables/minerals/super foods and instead of buying a bunch of them….. which can be ultra expensive you can mix them in your favorite drink and have them all in one.

This is not about selling anyone anything….this is about health….our health..thats’ right mine too..I take medication….I am tired too….I do not want my life to be about meds and hoping I will live to see another day……and I will be damned if anyone will say that they did not hear from me about this movie or about getting what they needed with greens. I want us all to live our best lives ….oh my goodness….you cannot walk away from this movie and look at anything the same way.

What I am offering you family…. is also Vegan, GMO Free, Dairy Free and Soy Free. I’m like a big Sister “If you do not change your eating that is on you“…but at least get these greens and take them everyday…no smoothie…. nor all the buying in world….can fight disease like all the benefits in greens and I do not want any of you who are sick, or not sick, have family members who have passed like my mom and dad did from Cancer, not have the opportunity to at the very least GIVE DISEASE HELL! I am in actual tears watching this…. I will drink greens for the rest of my life and change my diet starting today but like I said at least fight all disease with greens.

I love you all family, near or far! Don’t walk away from this post! Watch this movie and change your life!

Look at this video and add GREENS to your daily regimen. If we can pump our bodies with medicine then we can do so with greens. I do not want to leave my kids any sooner than I have to and I do not want you too either…..kids, fur babies or not LETS LIVE!



If no one else says it today….wandasncredible appreciates you ….always!

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